nelumbo nucifera

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A water plant that floats on top of the water, attached by a stem to roots under the mud below. The flower looks like a shower-head with nuts inside the holes. These nuts are a great food source when ripe. Flowers, seeds, young leaves, stem and roots can be eaten raw or cooked. The root is difficult to get to because it’s buried under the mud under the water. Because it’s a water plant, there is the possibility of parasites on the plant, so cooking is often recommended.
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For instance, the gatherers of Nelumbo nucifera and Nymphaea pubescens will be encouraged not to dig up the whole plant to collect the swollen base, a procedure which destroys the plant, but instead collect flower stalks and seeds.
Nelumbo nucifera aertn is nymphaeaceous hydrophyte, which epicuticular cell wall with thin wax layer grows thick and keratinization is not occurred.
Leaf surfaces contain cuticula such as Syringa oblate Linn (Var giraldii), Bambusa phyllostachys pubescens, which surface hardness is greater than that of leaves with wax coat (such as Ginkgobiloba Linn and Nelumbo nucifera aertn).
Especially, neferine is a major bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloid derived from the embryos of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.
In this study, we have shown that neferine, a major bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloid derived from embryos of Nelumbo nucifera, possesses anti-cancer effects, including cell cycle arrest, apoptosis, ER stress, autophagy, anti-angiogenesis and anti-migration in human HCC Hep3B cells.
ye (Gramineae) NN (c) Nelumbo nucifera Plumula lian zi -9 [+ or -] Gaertn.
Effects of extracts and neferine from the embryo of Nelumbo nucifera seeds on the central nervous system.
Lian zi xin", embryo loti (embryo of the seeds of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertner, Nymphaeaceae), has been used in Chinese traditional medicine as a sedative, antipyretic and hemostat agent (Chiang Su New Medical College, 1978), indicating that it may possess central effects.
Out of interest in the sedative activity of this herbal medicine, we reexamined the chemical constituents of the embryo of the seeds of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertner and examined the locomotor activity effects of various extracts of embryo loti in mice.
ussuriense (aerial part), Ulmus parvifolia (leaf), Oenanthe javanica (aerial part), Armoracia rusticana (aerial part), Orostachysjaponicus (aerial part), Cedrela sinensis (rachis) and Nelumbo nucifera (leaf).
In addition, Nelumbo nucifera, Eucommia ulmoides and Zanthoxylum piperitum (leaf) were effective DPPH radical scavengers with I[C.
Key words: Seeds of Nelumbo nucifera, DPPH, carbon tetrachioride, aflatoxin B 1, hepatocyte