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In this depiction, we see Heracles adorned with symbols of the captured powers of the Other, namely the pelt of the Nemean Lion.
Given the handle is cast in the form of Hercules' knotted club, and the skin of the Nemean lion seemingly attaches the mirror's disc, it seems logical to suppose the figure to be Hercules.
amphora by the Antimenes Painter depicting Heracles battling the Nemean Lion -- arguably one of his finest works -- hails from the early 19th century collection at Capesthorne Hall, one of Britain's great country estates.
129) Manzini constructed this feminine style in response to unnamed critics of a Hercules Killing the Nemean Lion by Guercino.
Another unpublished model, the terracotta Hercules and the Nemean Lion, sculpted by Marco Antonio Prestinari for a monumental statue in the garden of the Villa Arconati, Castellazzo di Bollate near Milan, is presented by Walter Padovani (Fig.
The 12 labours of Hercules-how many can you remember:Kill the Nemean lion, whose skin was so thick that spears and arrows could not penetrate it.
34) On Hellenistic and Roman imperial coins and in sculpture, the skin of the Nemean lion was worn as a cloak with the head framing the wearer's face; lion heads or masks were placed on the sword and boots of armed figures but not on the shoulder defense.