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a city in Vilnius Raion, Lithuanian SSR. Located on the Neris (Vilija) River, 6 km from the Bezdónys railroad station (on the Vilnius-Daugavpils line) and 23 km northeast of Vilnius. Various notions and clothing accessories are made in Nemenčiné; there is also a logging and timber distribution establishment.

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This year's exercise will be conducted in all three Baltic States: in Lithuania - General Adolfas Ramanauskas combat training center located in Nemencine and Pabrade training area, Latvia -- at the Adazi training area and in Estonia - at Amari air base and cities of Tapa and Tartu.
Each point was in distance to the next at 9-11 km at territories: Antakalniai village, territory in the south east close to Maisiagala, Mykoliskiu village, Karveliskes rural region, territory in the east from Nemencine village, Strazninkai rural region (sampling points are shown in the map in Fig.
Vilnius District Municipality (hereinafter referred to as municipalities) announces a competition to select carriers to carry passengers Vilnius district local suburban Nemencine, Mickunu, Maiiagala, Rudninku-way routes.