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This must be the reason why a lot of quality flint from the Upper Nemunas appeared in north-east Lithuania (Kretuonas 1C site, Jara 1 hoard of flakes, Dumblyne site).
The press of that time has written about the bridge and its creators: "Comparing with other Nemunas bridges, the building of Alytus bridge was relatively inexpensive.
The aim of the current study was to examine helminths of the muskrat from the Nemunas delta (Rusne Island) in Lithuania.
At the glacier's foreland, there was an outflow along the Zeimena, Neris, Voke, Merkys, and Nemunas rivers valleys.
Birstonas, a spa town on the Nemunas River, 39 kilometers south of Kaunas, attracts Lithuanians and foreigners throughout the year.
For example, after dating the Turlojiske burial it was ascertained that it was not a grave from the Nemunas Culture period as it had been interpreted before (Antanaitis-Jacobs & Girininkas 2002, 17).
Contract award: Exchanges Labanoras Nemunas loops Tytuvenai regional parks observation towers technical project preparation the project supervision services.
The boundary of Panevezys southern part stretches over Pusalotas, Nemunas, Klaipeda, Vilnius, and Basanavicius streets and the river of Nevezis.
Lake Rekyva is situated in the northern part of Lithuania on the divide between the catchments of Nemunas and Lielupe rivers and is the largest one situated in the drainage divide area of Lithuania.
UK), UAB Mechel Nemunas (Lithuania), Mechel Service Global B.
The groundwater runoff into the rivers of the Nemunas basin is mainly formed (about 90%) from the Quaternary aquifers (shallow and first confined ones), whereas the active draining effect of rivers does not exceed 70-100-m depths.