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, Ger. Memel, Lithuanian Nemanos, Pol. Niemen, river, c.580 mi (930 km) long, rising in central Belarus, SW of Minsk. It flows generally W to Grodno, then N and W through S Lithuania to form part of the Lithuania–Kaliningrad Region border before
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, river.
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Kur bega Sesupe, kur Nemunas teka, Tai musu tevyne, grazi Lietuva; Cia broliai artojai lietuviskai sneka, Cia skamba po kaimus Birutes daina.
In the same year the entire left bank of the Nemunas starting with Baltstoge till Sakiai was attached to Prussia, while the other part, unofficially called Uznemune by Lithuanians and Samogitians in the 19th century, was incorporated into Warsaw Duchy, which had been in existence for five years and depended on Napoleon's France.
My first stop is in Kaunas' Aleksotas district, accessible via its funicular railway, offering a view of the charming Old Town and confluence of the Nemunas and Neris rivers.
It's the start of Friday afternoon rush-hour and I take a snap of Vytautas the Great Bridge spanning the Nemunas.
Ycas savo veiklos deka sugebejo ne tik nusipirkti Tirkeliskio dvara, bet taip pat isigijo sesis garlaivius, aliejaus bendrove "Eglynas", organizavo metalo liejykla "Nemunas", Panevezio audimu fabrika.
(UK), UAB "Mechel Nemunas" (Lithuania), Mechel Service Global B.V.
Mechel's board of directors met on 21 Sep and unanimously approved the divestment of the assets comprising its Eastern European Steel Division (plants in Romania), the Donetsk Electrometallurgical Plant (Ukraine), Invicta Merchant Bar (UK), Mechel Nemunas (Lithuania), Voskhod-Chrome (Kazakhstan), Voskhod-Oriel (Kazakhstan), Tikhvin Ferroalloy Plant (Russia), Southern Urals Nickel Plant (Russia), Kuzbass Power Sales Company (Russia), and Toplifikatsia Rousse (Bulgaria).
The restructuring will result in the sale of the entities that are part of its Eastern European Steel Division SRL, Ukraine-based Donetsk Electrometallurgical Plant PJSC, Invicta Merchant Bar Ltd in the UK, Lithuanian UAB Mechel Nemunas. The plans also envisages the divestment of Mechel Service Global BV, excluding the Russian unit Mechel Service OOO, Kazakhstan-based Voskhod-Chrome LLP and Voskhod-Oriel LLP, Russian subsidiaries Tikhvin Ferroalloy Plant OOO, Southern Urals Nickel Plant OAO, Kuzbass Power Sales Company OAO and Bulgarian utility Toplofikatsia Rousse EAD.
The board will seek to ensure that the disposals will be made in the best interests of shareholders and will evaluate all proposals related to the process, Mechel's CEO Yevgeny Mikhel said.Country: Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, UK, Lithuania, RussiaSector: Utilities, Metals/MiningTarget: Toplofikatsia Rousse EAD, UAB Mechel Nemunas, Mechel Service Global BV (excluding Mechel Service OOO)), Southern Urals Nickel Plant OAO, Kuzbass Power Sales Company OAO, Donetsk Electrometallurgical Plant PJSC, Invicta Merchant Bar Ltd, Tikhvin Ferroalloy Plant OOO, Voskhod-Chrome LLP, Eastern European Steel Division SRL, Voskhod-Oriel LLPVendor: OAO MechelType: DivestmentStatus: Auction