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river, China: see NenNen
or Nonni
, river, 740 mi (1,191 km) long, rising in the Yilehuli (Ilkuri) Mts., N Heilongjiang prov., NE China, and flowing south along the east side of the Da Hinggan (Great Khingan) range to the Songhua River; forms part of the Heilongjiang-Jilin provincial
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In Jilin, 155,000 people were evacuated last week from Tongyu county in flooding on tributaries of the Nen River that destroyed two rail lines, Xinhua reported.
More than 270,000 soldiers, oil workers and other civilians were working night and day to prevent the Nen River from overwhelming the Daqing oil fields.
The flooding has been caused by the Nen river near the border with Mongolia.