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a morainic ridge in the Malaia Zemlia Tundra, in the Northern European USSR. It extends in a meridional direction; it rises sharply over a marsh-ridden plain for 130–140 m. There are numerous lakes in the landlocked basins.



the language of the Nentsi, who inhabit the territory from the Kola Peninsula to the right bank (lower course) of the Enisei.

Nenets belongs to the Samoyedic group of the Uralic family of languages. Nenets is spoken by more than 24,000 persons (1970 census). It is split into two dialects—Tundra and Forest—whose differences are chiefly phonetic. The principal phonetic feature of Tundra Nenets is the presence of two glottal stops (nasalized and nonnasalized). Suffixal agglutination is the basic method of expressing morphological meanings. A number of forms are made by regular sound alternation. Nenets has three numbers—singular, dual, and plural. Forms of declension include possessive person and predestinative person. The verb is characterized by an abundance of aspectual and modal forms, as well as subjective-objective and subjective-objectless conjugations. Postpositions are well developed. The noun in a predicative function is inflected for person, number, and tense. Dependent members precede subordinating members. The predicate usually ends the sentence. A Latin-based Nenets alphabet was created in 1932, as was a Russian-based Nenets alphabet in 1937.


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Our expedition team will leave its hi-tech gear behind to wear traditional Nenets clothing, eating as the herders eat and living as part of a close-knit Nenets community.
The development of this project is a significant part of the gas strategy of Rosneft, which will be a majority owner of the venture, management board chairman Igor Sechin noted, adding that through the JV the parties create a strong basis for the effective development of gas fields in the Nenets Autonomous District.
On the other hand, Hajdu gave modern examples about the Nenets negative imperative, all of which were formed only from the stem no(not partly from ni-, ni-) (Hajdu 1968 : 71-72, cf.
There are two distinct groups based on their economy: the Tundra Nenets (living far to the north) and the Khandeyar or Forest Nenets.
Es logico que la industria fundamental del Distrito Autonomo Yamal Nenets es la extraccion de gas y petroleo, asi como alimenticia y ligera basadas en la pesca y cria de renos y caza de animales de pieles finas.
By placing so much emphasis on who the Nenets were and the importance of song in their past, Abramovich-Gomon does not create an equally strong impression of contemporary Nenets culture.
The more prosperous Nenets are branded derisively as kulaks and one is shot when he protests.
Yaroslav Nilov's working trip to Krasnoe settlement, one of the largest settlements of the Nenets Autonomous District, began with an open lesson for high school students at the new local school.
For more than 1,000 years, the indigenous Nenets people have made this 120,000-square-kilometre peninsula their home, moving across the vast bog- and lake-dotted tundra with apparent ease, using survival techniques that have changed very little in that time.
Summary: MOSCOW(Cihan/RT) -- Nenets People resist to Modern life which threats their rural life.