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a morainic ridge in the Malaia Zemlia Tundra, in the Northern European USSR. It extends in a meridional direction; it rises sharply over a marsh-ridden plain for 130–140 m. There are numerous lakes in the landlocked basins.



the language of the Nentsi, who inhabit the territory from the Kola Peninsula to the right bank (lower course) of the Enisei.

Nenets belongs to the Samoyedic group of the Uralic family of languages. Nenets is spoken by more than 24,000 persons (1970 census). It is split into two dialects—Tundra and Forest—whose differences are chiefly phonetic. The principal phonetic feature of Tundra Nenets is the presence of two glottal stops (nasalized and nonnasalized). Suffixal agglutination is the basic method of expressing morphological meanings. A number of forms are made by regular sound alternation. Nenets has three numbers—singular, dual, and plural. Forms of declension include possessive person and predestinative person. The verb is characterized by an abundance of aspectual and modal forms, as well as subjective-objective and subjective-objectless conjugations. Postpositions are well developed. The noun in a predicative function is inflected for person, number, and tense. Dependent members precede subordinating members. The predicate usually ends the sentence. A Latin-based Nenets alphabet was created in 1932, as was a Russian-based Nenets alphabet in 1937.


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First, the linguistic diversity on the Taimyr Peninsula is clearly greater than the Siberian average because speakers whose languages belong to four different language families, Tundra Nenets, Forest Enets, Tundra Enets, Nganasan (all Samoyedic, Uralic), Dolgan (Turkic), Evenki (Tungusic), Russian (Indo-European) as well as Taimyr Pidgin Russian aka Govorka have met.
If they disappear then we Nenets will also disappear.
Tom Bodkin, director of Secret Compass, said, "In remote regions like the Gulf of Ob, the Nenets have to fight for survival and to retain their traditional livelihoods.
Kharyaga: In the Arctic north's Nenets autonomous okrug (sub-region), in the Timan-Pechora Basin, the Kharyaga JV began 39o API oil production in October 1999 at 10,000 b/d from three wells.
Alla Abramovich-Gomon's recent book on Nenets culture is an examination of the musical praxis of these inhabitants of Russia's western Arctic region, and a compelling attempt to link the changes that have occurred within their singing tradition with broader, more disruptive shifts in their culture.
6 bn on infrastructure and development of fields in the north's Komi Republic and Nenets region.
And the Nenets of western Siberia sew bells on their i l d r e n ' s sleeves to ward evil spirits.
The topics covered in this book include the Polar Census and the architecture of enumeration, the interpretation of Nenets demography in the first third of the 20th century, household structure in the multi-ethnic Barents region, the sustainable landscape and the Arctic fox trade in the European north of Russia 1926-27, the origin of reindeer herding as a sector on the Kanin Peninsula, and subsistence and residence in the Putoran Uplands and Taimyr Lowlands 1926-27.
Those included the Nenets no-, no-, Nganasan ne- and Enets i- (Castren 1854 : 436-437, 493-494, 518.
They are so important to the Nenets living in the icy wastes of Siberia that they are even called the Reindeer People.
The deputy chief prosecutor in the Nenets region, Alexander Sablin, has said that the crash could have been caused by pilot error or a technical malfunction, reported The Associated Press.
TNGS is the leading alternative operator in the autonomous district of Khanty Mansi, with its own telecommunication infrastructure located in the autonomous district of Yamalo Nenets, 10 cities and 12 townships in the Tyumen region.