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polytheistic religious movement, practiced in small groups by partisans of pre-Christian religious traditions such as Egyptian, Greek, Norse, and Celtic. Neopagans fall into two broad categories, nature-oriented and magical groups, and often incorporate arcane and elaborate rituals. Two of the movement's most influential thinkers were Alphonse L. Constant (1810–75) and Gerard Encausse (1865–1916).


See M. Adler, Drawing Down the Moon (1981, rev. ed. 1986); T. M. Luhrman, Pervasions of the Witch's Craft (1989); J. G. Melton and I. Poggi, Magic, Witchcraft, and Paganism in America (1992).

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We don't keep our prices low to undercut our competition; we do it to serve the neo-pagan community.
Similarly, Clements doesn't even touch on the depiction of Wiccans in Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Mysteries-novels that treat neo-pagans just as problematically as Buffy does.
A neo-pagan diva, your wholeness is darkness fashioned from
Druidry, a neo-pagan religion, is an ancient belief that worships deities that take different forms in nature.
Why are neo-pagan and New Age religions such as Wicca becoming so popular?
He cautioned against a "new pantheism with Neo-Pagan accents" that would elevate nature into an absolute value, at the expense of human dignity.
Firmly rooted in Pagan tradition, adopted by the Christian church, and now celebrated as neo-Pagan and as national folk festivals, the summer solstice fires are a global phenomenon.
In this paper I will look at these issues and challenge the naive assumption that the post-colonial situation applies in Britain and that neo-pagan groups constitute an independent indigenous people.
Because the term "witchcraft" in American culture may refer to any use of magic, social workers should not assume that a client's use of the term indicates a Neo-Pagan identity as described in this article.
This is not surprising since Paxson is a leader of a neo-pagan coven in California.
Neo-Pagan patients' preferences regarding physician discussion of spirituality.
Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene congregants - both neo-pagan and non-pagan - are invited.