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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The revival of paganism in many forms, including those of Witchcraft and Druidism. The term is used extensively in the United States but little used in Europe. Neo-paganism is a revival of original forms but, although thoroughly researched, does not form an unbroken line from the original.

The focus of neo-paganism is on pre-Christian, nature-based religions and a reverence for the natural world. The movement has been motivated by various factors, including dissatisfaction with established religions, ecology-consciousness, equal rights movements, and back-to-basics philosophies. According to author Michael Jordan, more women than men are attracted to neo-paganism.

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A Community of Witches: Contemporary Neo-Paganism and Witchcraft in the United States.
In this it is not dissimilar to neo-paganism which can be seen as a rejection of state-orchestrated Christian politics.
As Neo-Paganism is a new movement, almost all Pagans and Witches were raised in other religions, and they may have conflicts with their families of origin over their choice to practice Paganism.
Meanwhile: "Valid links could be established between Symbolism's pan-aestheticism and the far-right philosophy that, right from the early twentieth century, would turn its back on morality in the name of a state conceived as aesthetic absolute, D'Annunzio's drift from neo-paganism into fascism being one of the most significant examples of this connection.
In part 2 New Age and Neo-Paganism are studied via the "priestess of music," Kay Gardner; and The Baptist Hymnal of 1991 is set against The New Century Hymnal of 1995 of the United Church of Christ.
Paganism (or neo-Paganism, as it is sometimes called) is a diverse faith community with nature-based rituals.
The connection between sun-worship and nudism, for example, had roots in the nineteenth-century fascination with myth and the neo-paganism that was, in fact, a European phenomenon as readily observed in Rupert Brooke's circle as in the counter-culture of Germany.
Purposely drenched in alluringly loaded verbiage, the Earth Charter aims to create support for empowering the UN as a world government, while promoting neo-paganism as the new world religion.
Sirico strikes out at what he calls "the New-Ageist neo-paganism in which people ascribe divine status to animals and plants," though a huge amount of religious activism has been coming from mainstream denominations.
It shows an ignorance of Welsh matters, and people have rushed to the conclusion that it's some sort of neo-paganism.
Unless we deliberately identify ourselves with the God of Abraham, we condemn ourselves to neo-paganism like the Nazis.
While evolutionists are accused of practicing the "religion" of secular humanism, environmentalists are often accused of deriving their views from neo-paganism, the New Age movement, and eastern religion.