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Rudin seems to understand the role of neo-imperialism, but his overriding concern with "French-Candians," which he explicitly defines (236n7) as referring to all of Quebec, rather than "French-Canadians in Quebec City," sometimes hinders the analysis and relegates the city to the role of stage for another, seemingly larger and thus more important, history.
This ideology is rooted in cold war conservatism, and it is usually called unipolarism, neoconservatism, or neo-imperialism.
Latin America's postcolonial moment(s) occurred as much as a century ahead of Africa and Asia, and its countries have been independent long enough to experience neo-imperialism.
Following the first Gulf War, neoconservative policy intellectuals like Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and William Kristol formed the Project for the New American Century, a think tank which advocates many of the policies--from neo-imperialism to "pre-emptive" war--that would come to inform the Bush administration's post 9/11 national-security policy.
It is at this point that the distinction between colonialism and neo-imperialism may be made, casting the painting by Bell-Smith more within the framework of the latter.
Globalisation, as many Third World leaders have pointed out, will be nothing short of neo-imperialism.
In return, it is relatively simple for China to play to this constituency by turning the criticism into an issue of 'interference' in state sovereignty and neo-imperialism.
It provides essays covering key issues including the international relations of global intellectual propertization, the TRIPS Agreement and the tying of intellectual property issues to international trade negotiations, contentions that global intellectual propertization is a form of post-colonial neo-imperialism, globalizations effects on intellectual property laws classic doctrines and rationales and the cultural effects of global intellectual propertization.
It has now become a country of foreign wars and neo-imperialism, with strained relations with the Third World.
The template of those peddling a "resistance axis" line is the same as the one highlighting the perils of Western neo-imperialism in the Middle East, with its Arab nationalist pedigree.
This emerging form of neo-imperialism will, I submit, supersede in all its intentions, means of achieving its goals and its consequences thereof, all other forms of imperialistic maneuvers that humanity has thus far witnessed.
He's willing to make a gesture toward preventing a world that bristles with nuclear weapons, but only if he can get some help in his attempt to crush a government that resists Russia's neo-imperialism.