Neon Lamp

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Neon lamp

Consists of a glass tube from which the air is extracted and neon gas added. The tube glows when current flows through it.

Neon Lamp


a low-pressure gas-discharge light source in which visible radiation is produced by a discharge in a neon atmosphere. The best-known neon lamps are the glow-discharge signal lamps, in which the orange-red luminescence of the discharge regions adjacent to the cathode is used. The lamps are filled with a mixture of neon and helium. To decrease the discharge voltage, a small quantity of argon is introduced into the gas mixture, and the surface of the cathode may be coated with a thin layer of an activating substance. The lamps operate on alternating or direct current. Their power is 0.01 to 10 watts (W), their light flux is 0.02 to 5 lumens (lm), and their current ranges from fractions of a milliampere (mA) to 20–30 mA. In cold-cathode neon lamps used in advertising (fluorescent lamps), the glow of the positive column of the glow discharge is used.

Neon arc lamps with a heater cathode are used as airport beacons; their power is of the order of 500 W, and their luminous efficiency is up to 10 lm/W. They operate reliably at ambient temperatures from —40° to 40°C. The luminous efficiency of mercuryless, fluorescent neon arc lights (about 25 lm/W) exceeds that of red-fluorescent mercury lamps by a factor of 3 and is determined by the visible radiation of the positive discharge column and the fluorescence of a phosphor layer (such as Y2O3 or activated europium) deposited on the walls of the tube. The lighting and electrical parameters of fluorescent neon lamps, in contrast to those of fluorescent mercury lamps, do not depend on the ambient temperature.


neon lamp

1. A cold-cathode lamp whose principal light radiation is due to passage of an electric current through neon gas.
2. Any cold-cathode glass-tubing lamp, such as that used for electric signs, regardless of the type of gas that fills the lamp or the presence of phosphors or filters to control color.
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At the same time its production capacity was increased to 250 million units a year including 195 million units of bulbs, 55 million units of neon lamps.
The company plans to produce around 100 types of electric lamps increasing from 40 types at present including bulbs, and neon lamps with the brands of GE, DOP and Sibalec.
7 million units of electric lamps In 1999, its production capacity of neon lamps was increased by 28 million units a year.
MLI produces energy efficient lamps and neon lamps respectively with an annual capacity of 15 million and 10 million units.
The company, which is known as one of the largest producers of household goods in the country, teams up with TFC (Taiwan Fluorescent Company) to produce various types of electric lamps including neon lamps with an annual capacity of 20 million units, lighting lamps 18 million units and energy efficient lamps 5 million units.
Middle East is a potential market especially Saudi Arabia for bulbs and neon lamps.
Imported neon lamps include fluorescent lamps, etc.
Table--1 Producers of bulbs and neon lamps and capacity, 2003 Name of Total Prod.
The country's production capacity for electric lamps is 1,130 million units of electric light bulbs and 300 million units of neon lamp (tube lamp = TL) and 17 million units of CL.
There are standard voltage lamps from 3 W to 110 W, neon lamps from 1/25 W to 1/2 W, fluorescent lamps from 4 W to 110 W and Xenon flash tubes.