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polytheistic religious movement, practiced in small groups by partisans of pre-Christian religious traditions such as Egyptian, Greek, Norse, and Celtic. Neopagans fall into two broad categories, nature-oriented and magical groups, and often incorporate arcane and elaborate rituals. Two of the movement's most influential thinkers were Alphonse L. Constant (1810–75) and Gerard Encausse (1865–1916).


See M. Adler, Drawing Down the Moon (1981, rev. ed. 1986); T. M. Luhrman, Pervasions of the Witch's Craft (1989); J. G. Melton and I. Poggi, Magic, Witchcraft, and Paganism in America (1992).

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Except for their falling into different religious traditions, Buber of Judaism, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan of Hinduism, Mosao Abe and Alan Watts of Buddhism, Starhawk of Wiccan Neopaganism, and Muhammed Iqbal of Islam, the same may be said of all of them; the differences are in the details.
In the rule of scientific neopaganism, to paraphrase Lenin, the death of a thousand people is merely a statistic.
But while few people noticed, he invented one of the 20th century's more influential religions, helped launch '60s-style sex-and-nature neopaganism, and was a major force behind the first modern libertarian 'zine.
To take another example, the hedonistic individualism that reflects neopaganism in much of the contemporary world celebrates natural liberty and rejects federal liberty.
Other entry topics include mesmerism, Catharism, neo-Catharism, satanism, amulets, and neopaganism.
Associate Editor Jesse Walker's "Inside the Spiritual Jacuzzi" (page 32) is a tour of new customized religions that range from attempts to fuse Judaism with Buddhism to neopaganism to something called the Hot Tub Mystery Religion.
Legitimists argue that the Holy Spirit chose John Paul to lead a world-wide crusade against neopaganism and the culture of death.
From the Norse neopaganism of Asatru to Christian countercult refutations of it, from Tibetan Buddhist prayer bowls and thangka paintings to Wiccan scrying bowls that come with easy-to-follow instructions, from a disenfranchised Catholic bishop exiled to a non-existent North African diocese to a cyber-monastery established exclusively for non-resident students of Zen, the only thing that seems crystal clear is that the presence of religion on the Internet will only expand .
Thus, while criticizing neopaganism, Adam also sought to show that Christianity and National Socialism could be compatible.
49) It makes glancing criticisms at evolutionary determinism, neopaganism, and dominion theory.
Indeed, neopaganism is almost unique among the world's faiths for its adherents' willingness notjust to adopt radically new beliefs orpractices but to jettison ideas that once stood at the center of the pagan worldview.
The proponents of neopaganism erred in asserting that Germany must recover its Aryan rituals, symbols, and myths.