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polytheistic religious movement, practiced in small groups by partisans of pre-Christian religious traditions such as Egyptian, Greek, Norse, and Celtic. Neopagans fall into two broad categories, nature-oriented and magical groups, and often incorporate arcane and elaborate rituals. Two of the movement's most influential thinkers were Alphonse L. Constant (1810–75) and Gerard Encausse (1865–1916).


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And then there is neopaganism, the diverse movement that sees nature as the home of the divine, exalts female as well as male divinity and deities, practices ritual magic, and relishes joyous festivals that are based in the changing seasons.
At first glance Neopaganism seems to be an insignificant stream even among religious minorities compared to other contemporary spiritual movements (here in Romania many of the average citizens may not have even ever heard of it).
Cooper believes the former prevails consistently from Plato to Whitehead, while the latter can be seen from Schleiermacher to Bergson, Reuther, and the Wiccan neopaganism of Miriam Simos (Starhawk).
Ephraim of Syria with the opponents of his time, especially NeoPaganism under Emperor Julian Apostata.
Unwilling to irritate the Vatican, which opposed Nazi neopaganism and anti-Catholicism, Franco broke off negotiations for the formal "Convention on Cultural and Spiritual Collaboration between Spain and Germany," which had come very close to being ratified by the two states in January 1939.
Russell's textbook on witchcraft, the final chapters of which now seem dated (A History of Witchcraft [London: Thames & Hudson, 1980]), Bailey concludes the book with a recent overview of neopaganism, the Craft, and Wicca.
The religion of the future will be a kind of neopaganism which will consist in the worship of the vital forces of nature in place of spiritual abstractions or a transcendent divinity," he wrote.
NeoPaganism, the umbrella header for modern followers of Wicca, ritual magic, goddess worship, Shamanism, Celtic, Native American, and a host of other earth-based spiritual traditions, is rapidly growing, with more than a half million declared pagans in the United States today.
Believing Stonehenge is an astronomical monument, tens of thousands of visitors will again converge there on June 21st, when romantic neopaganism once more turns the summer solstice into an exercise in public astronomy.
Perhaps some varieties of Mahayana Buddhism and Neopaganism might qualify as monotheistic, but practitioners of these faiths would likely see this as stretching their beliefs beyond recognition.
It is likelier than not that, given the general openness of Neopaganism to homosexuality, most Neopaganists would publicly support same-sex marriage within their faith traditions.
By answering questions posed by the site's "Belief-O-Matic" survey, visitors can find out whether liberal Quakerism, Unitarian Universalism, neopaganism, or something entirely different would best suit them.