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a river in Irkutsk Oblast, RSFSR; a left tributary of the Nizhniaia Tunguska River. It is 683 km long and drains an area of 19,100 sq km. The Nepa rises on the Angara Ridge and meanders through a deep valley. It is fed chiefly by snow. The mean flow rate measured at the village of Tokma on the river’s upper course is approximately 20 cu m per sec. The river freezes in October and thaws in the second half of May. Timber may be floated on the Nepa.

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Abbr. for “National Environmental Policy Act.”
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Using NEPA, citizens forced the state to consider alternatives.
Critics have long used "NEPA is slowing projects down!" as their rallying cry.
NEPA said after the race that the company would not renew Kim's contract when it expires at the end of February.
But there is a way out of the ESA and NEPA assessment requirements for agencies: pursuant to judicial and administrative interpretations, the two programs do not apply to actions over which an agency has no discretion.
The scope of the ESA and NEPA is immense--they capture all actions federal agencies authorize, fund, or carry out.
NEPA's Nek Mohammad says the ministry has never taken the issue seriously.
NEPA blames urban officials for ignoring its many practical suggestions to improve the environment.
A good strategy to add more NEPA into your lifestyle is to devote 30 minutes to one particular NEPA task each day.
Streamlining NEPA project approval is a core need for the transportation community--to save time and money while improving the quality of NEPA documents.
1075 passed in its original form, NEPA may not have been only a procedural statute, but could have actually called for specific environmental results.