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A tumor of the kidney.
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a genus of lichens of the family Nephromaceae. The thallus is foliaceous. The Nephroma differ from the majority of lichens in the formation of fruiting bodies, or apothecia, on the lower surface of the thallus. There are 45 species, distributed throughout the terrestrial globe, particularly in tundras, in coniferous forests, and high in the mountains. They grow in soil among mosses, on moss-covered rocks, and on the trunks and branches of trees. The Nephroma contain lichen acids. The lichens are eaten by reindeer.

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A single case of multicystic nephroma was observed in our study.
This also suggests that ORTI, like multilocular cystic nephroma, is on the benign spectrum of Wilms Tumor.
tomentosa 1122, MAF-Lich I,P 19264, 19267 NEPHROMATACEAE 20 Nephroma helveticum HUPCH-LIQ-1097 I PANNARIACEAE 21 Pannaria andina HUPCH-LIQ-1091 I PARMELIACEAE 22 Hypotrachyna caraccensis Sipman et al (2009) 23 H.
Benign tumors include lymphangioma, cystic nephroma, and mixed epithelial and stromal tumor.
Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of the lichen Anaptychya ciliaris, Nephroma parile, Ochrolechia tartarea and Parmelia centrifuga.
In 25% of patients, there is a familial association with other dysplasia and neoplasm, especially the cystic nephroma, meduloblastoma and germ cell tumors6,10,11.
The differential diagnosis of cystic angiomyolipomas involves distinguishing between mixed epithelial and stromal tumors (previously classified as cystic hamartomas of the renal pelvis, adult mesoblastic nephroma, or renal pelvic or cortical hamartomas), cystic nephroma, multilocular cystic renal cell carcinoma, liposarcoma and vascular malformations.
Pages and Granier15 proposed the name "Nephronogenic nephroma" for this tumour in 1980.
(2003) looked at the diversity of Nostoc in Nephroma species and found that those also having green algal photobionts were less specific in the acquisition of Nostoc cyanobiont but those with Nostoc as the only photobiont acquired a narrower range of strains.