Nepos, Julius

Nepos, Julius,

d. 480, Roman emperor of the West (474–80). The military governor of Dalmatia, he was appointed emperor of the West by Leo I, emperor of the East. A year later he was deposed by OrestesOrestes
, d. 476, Roman general. With the help of barbarians he deposed (475) the Roman emperor of the West, Julius Nepos, and raised his own son, Romulus Augustulus, to the throne.
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, who raised his own son Romulus AugustulusRomulus Augustulus
, d. after 476, last Roman emperor of the West (475–76). His father, the general Orestes, deposed Julius Nepos and proclaimed Romulus Augustulus emperor. Orestes ruled for a year in his son's name.
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 to the throne. Julius Nepos, however, was still recognized in the East and in Gaul until his death in 480.
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