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Regarding Neres claim that she was not proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the Appellate Court said "Taylors request for heroin on the day of her death meant that she was out of heroin at the time" and that "the jurys verdict was supported by proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
Prior EIMAR reports show that youth and immigrants are more likely to be NEREs than the rest of the population.
As Anne Callahan so eloquently puts it, "[t]he small shadow left by Colette's woman of letters, Renee Nere, will be cast by a woman who has forgotten her desire to be desired, having chosen subjectivity, and the desire to write" (20).
15) Layamon heh, heihliche, heyes, neh, neih, nih, nere, inoh, inowe Owl and the Nightingale heh, heie, neh, ney, inoh Sir Orfeo heiye, nere Castel of Love heiynesse, hyhhe, neih, nyyh, sleih-, inouh Myrour of Lewed Men hegh, ynogh Robert of Gloucester Chr.
de Rachewiltz 2004: 530]); urqu-quy naran-aca singe-kuy naran-tur gur-tele nere min-u gur-be je 'my fame has indeed passed from sunrise to sunset' (8192-93; i.
BUCURESTI: Vlaicu (Sarbu, 79); Bigiu, Gal Minya, Dascalu, Ciuntu; Dumbrava (Vlad, 27), Caplescu; Nere, Zebega (Maxim, 73), Lazar (Dobre, 53) Costa (Ursache, 31), Popirlan, Burcea (Carpo, 64), Mersoiu (Lucaci, 58).
The trees included mango, cashew, baobab, nere and acacia.
Bucuresti: D Dumbrava; C Fercu, C Dascalu, C Gal Minya, S Ciuntu; I Dimofte, A Lupu; N Nere, M Mihalache (capt), P Ion, N Rus, C Tatu, S Burcea, C Mersoiu, M Macovei.
NERE CENTER: A hi-tech police control room: VICTIM: Jean Charles de Menezes: FEARS: Commander Cressida Dick' SCENE: Stockwell station
Flashed by in a haze of food and drink with nere a cereal flake in sight.
Elsewhere, Dietro Casa offers more upfront jazz phrasing and the Russian-sounding Nuvole Nere recalls the piano that adorns Al Stewart's Roads To Moscow.