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a lake on the eastern Kamchatka Peninsula, Kamchatka Oblast, RSFSR. Area, 552 sq km. The northwestern part of the lake is known as Lake Kultuchnoe (104 sq km). Lake Nerpich’e is fed by snow and rain. Fluctuations in the water level are associated with the changing tides, as well as with the effects of the wind. One hundred and seventeen small rivers empty into the lake, and the Ozernaia River (a tributary of the Kamchatka River) flows out of it.



a lake in the northeastern Kolyma Lowland (the left bank of the Kolyma delta) in the Yakut ASSR. Area, 237 sq km. Lake Nerpich’e, which extends from southeast to northwest, has low-lying banks. It is fed by snow and rain. The lake is connected with Lake Chukoch’e (Kolyma Basin) by a number of canals and lakes. The Nerpich’ia River flows out of Lake Nerpich’e and empties into the East Siberian Sea. Ducks and geese nest along the lake in the summer.

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