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see spasmspasm,
involuntary rigid muscle contraction, often persistent and often accompanied by pain. It usually has some underlying physical cause such as disease, strain, or injury to the muscle or nearby tissues, impairment of circulation, or a disturbance of body chemistry.
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an involuntary muscular contraction; a form of hyperkinesia. A tic may be related to the effect of encephalitis on parts of the brain; it may be a congenital pathological condition, frequently associated with a neuropathic personality; it may appear with attacks of trigeminal neuralgia (tic douloureux); or it may result from neuritis of the facial nerve. A distinction is made between generalized tics, involving all the muscles, and local tics, which are more common. The muscles usually affected are those of the face and neck. The twitching resembles such voluntary movements as winking, frowning, lip-smacking, or lip-licking. Tics generally disappear during sleep and become more severe under emotional stress. Treatment consists of the administration of sedatives, tranquilizers, and anticonvulsants.


spasmodic twitching of a particular group of muscles


(Token Ring Interface Card) Slang for a Token Ring NIC (network interface card). See token ring network.
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He had to make each nervous tic, grunt and yelp look as natural as possible - and that meant doing it between takes.
Perhaps it's a statement of his political position, or perhaps just a nervous tic)
Only Amodeo's tendency to overuse jump shots starts to look like a stylistic nervous tic.
Happily, so far, that has not proved the case and Garcia, though still a big club-waggler, has cured his nervous tic and thankfully speeded up the whole shot-making process.
Brin said that he has realised the smartphone is like a 'nervous tic'.
Two hours into the day and I had symptoms of heart disease and a nervous tic.
Kennedy swore and a nervous tic played on his face.
'Nervous tic' implies that your son is anxious or that the tic is triggered by anxiety.
If your hackles just levitated and you've suddenly developed a nervous tic, best skip right past this page and go on to the story about the MSPs wasting tax payers' dosh - the day ends in a Y, so there'll be one somewhere.
He said: 'I had to make each nervous tic, grunt and yelp look as natural as possible.
Even Jackie (Blythe Duff) cracked a smile last week, though it could have been a nervous tic prompted by the realisation she had just got engaged to the dull as ditchwater Brian.
Committee deputy chairman Alexander Lavrentyev said Khakimov, a native of Uzbekistan, still has a shaking hand and nervous tic from his war wounds.