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see spasmspasm,
involuntary rigid muscle contraction, often persistent and often accompanied by pain. It usually has some underlying physical cause such as disease, strain, or injury to the muscle or nearby tissues, impairment of circulation, or a disturbance of body chemistry.
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an involuntary muscular contraction; a form of hyperkinesia. A tic may be related to the effect of encephalitis on parts of the brain; it may be a congenital pathological condition, frequently associated with a neuropathic personality; it may appear with attacks of trigeminal neuralgia (tic douloureux); or it may result from neuritis of the facial nerve. A distinction is made between generalized tics, involving all the muscles, and local tics, which are more common. The muscles usually affected are those of the face and neck. The twitching resembles such voluntary movements as winking, frowning, lip-smacking, or lip-licking. Tics generally disappear during sleep and become more severe under emotional stress. Treatment consists of the administration of sedatives, tranquilizers, and anticonvulsants.


spasmodic twitching of a particular group of muscles


(Token Ring Interface Card) A TLA for a Token Ring NIC (network interface card).
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A nervous tic, constantly breaking across his face, seemed to emphasize the urgency of whatever he was proposing.
New York (AirGuide - Airline & Travel News) Wed, Feb 12, 2014 - Some airports are installing automated security to screen passengers, but experts warn machines will not notice nervous tics or other signs of trouble.
Practise makes perfect Run through some interview FAQs at home, either with a friend or in front of the mirror, and tame those nervous tics before the big day.
According to her, this will improve your body language and communication and reduce the number of nervous tics that reveal your anxieties.
Except it's not, so five minutes can take an hour and cause adults on a timetable to develop nervous tics.
Carrey keeps his usual nervous tics and funny voices in check and the rapport with McGregor, sporting a Southern accent and cropped blond hair, anchors the picture.
Hogarth reported how Johnson suffered nervous tics and contortions, which could have been a kind of Tourette's syndrome.
So you can imagine a few nervous tics developing among TV executives when the 40-year-old heartthrob decided to tackle domestic violence in new daytime drama Beaten.
Evidence is abundant that among the nervous tics of the age is the urge to reduce religion to a set of manageable rules; to shrink God to proportions that we can manipulate around our social and political formulae; and to turn the heat up on the divisions among faith groups.
Her fidgeting with her fingers and her face, her nervous tics, her vocal monotones and her decidedly contemporary acting style are still here as they were in the GBS play.
Harvey is charming, despite his nervous tics and compulsive-obsessive behaviour.