also Nasimi (pen name of Sayyid ’Imad al-Din). Born circa 1369; died 1417 in Aleppo. Azerbaijani poet; wrote also in Persian and Arabic.

Nesimi grew up among artisans. He studied theology, logic, mathematics, and astronomy. He traveled throughout the Near East, disseminating the concept of pantheism; he called on people to seek beauty in the phenomena of the world and in mankind as an ideal of the beautiful. By order of the orthodox clergy, Nesimi was subjected to a terrible punishment for heresy—he was skinned alive.

Nesimi’s works were widely known throughout the Near East and Middle Asia. He decried social oppression, condemned fanaticism and superstition, and advocated truth and reason. While his poetry is imbued with Sufi motifs about the transitory nature of the world, it is also filled with a striving for oneness with god. These motifs are often combined with the humanistic tradition of Nizami Ganjevi. Nesimi was a master of such lyric genres as the ghazal, ruba’i, and tujug.


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Analyst Robert Nesimi in Nezavisen vesnik comments that Zaev is in power for less than six months and that it is too early to give a final assessment whether he could be the new Gruevski.
According to Robert Nesimi, the frequent debates where citizens meet candidates are a very positive phenomenon.
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It is at this point that we are introduced to intellectuals and artists who were there on July 2, 1993 -- among them the well-known satirist Aziz Nesin, poet-musician Hasret GE-ltekin, poet Metin Altyok and folk singer-songwriter Nesimi Ecimen.
70) Bu donemde genelde ogrenci notu seklinde "Talebe-i Hukuk Cemiyeti" tarafindan bastirilan ders notu kitaplari su isimlere aitti:71 Ahmet Nesimi [Sayman], Ahmet Resit [Turnagil], Ahmet Salahaddin, Ahmet Suayb, Hamayak Husrevyan Efendi, Ibrahim Hakki Pasa, Mehmed Cemil [Bilsel], Mustafa Resid [Belgesay], Nusret [Metya].
Analyst Robert Nesimi has recently told Utrinski vesnik that if the majority of Albanian voters went to the polls in the presidential elections, they would show they think with their own heads and in such a case the candidate of the opposition, Stevo Pendarovski, would stand a better chance of winning.
What Abidin Nesimi wrote was that during Resit's governorship some murders with unknown perpetrators had taken place:
Nesimi is part of the group that drafted an analysis of the implementation of the Framework Agreement and says this analysis does not argue for constitutional reordering of Macedonia into a bi-national state but recommends a revision of a number of laws arising form the Framework Agreement.
This is illustrated in the following poem by Asik Nesimi, (71) which is dedicated to three "revolutionaries" executed on May 6, 1972:
The names of such Eastern giants as Firdawsi, Jami, Rumi, Nesimi, Nizami, and Omar Khayyam speak for themselves.
Nesimi was executed for heresy in Aleppo by the ulama--i.