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Dell, the world's leading direct computer systems company, has designed the OptiPlex desktop PCs and Net PC series expressly for business and institutional customers who require stellar computing performance and manageability with their networked PCs.
Dell believes Net PCs will be attractive for specific application environments, such as data entry and remote terminal access, where security, control and manageability are important and the expandability and configurability of a traditional PC are not desired.
S3's Trio(R) and ViRGE family of multimedia products are also being recognized as impressive solutions in the fast-growing Net PC area of the corporate desktop segment.
Acer's first out-of-box, Intel-based Acer Power Net PC, is aggressively
SETOMultiMediaWorld products will include Internet associated devices, such as multimedia speakers, MP3 players, ADSL modems, Internet phones, set top boxes for Internet access via a TV without a computer, Net PC terminal, CDRW (CD reader and writer), DVD with MP3 capability and SCSI interface cards.
Liftoff complements PowerMate, the Net PC solution for distributed Windows environments giving IS managers unparalleled cost and flexibility advantages.
As previously announced, through our new acquisition, SETO intends to develop and launch (1) a Windows-based Net PC and NC terminal, (2) a 1000 S Web and handset for Internet access with built in modem, similar to a 3Com (Nasdaq:COMS) Palm VII series, (3) a SetoTalk Standalone Internet Phone Device with Speaker Phone and Microphone, and (4) an ADSL modem for multi user applications that could potentially be utilized by DSL provider such as Concentric (Nasdaq:CNCX), or Covad (Nasdaq:CVAD) in their consumer product bundling.
However there are fundamental differences between Sun Ray and network computers, Net PCs or X terminals.
Net PCS Subscriber Adds: (6,300) -- Ending PCS Subscribers: 184,500 -- PCS Churn (excluding 30 days): 3.
Second Quarter Highlights 3 Months Ended 6 Months Ended June 30, June 30, (in $000's) 2004 2003 2004 2003 Adjusted EBITDA $ 7,791 ($12,360) $ 10,434 ($24,313) Gross PCS Subscribers Adds 16,800 42,800 40,400 94,100 Net PCS Subscriber Adds (6,000) 15,100 (9,700) 39,100 PCS Churn excluding 30 days 2.
2 million new net PCS users in the third quarter of 2001.
3 months ended 6/30 6 months ended 6/30 2003 2002 2003 2002 Ending PCS Subscribers 593,068 539,054 593,068 539,054 Net PCS Sub.