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(operating system)
The operating system originally designed to run on the BeBox microcomputer. BeOS is good at both multitasking and real-time operation. It has a bash command shell, with ports of many GNU programs by Be, Inc. It has a GUI front end (not X). A C++ compiler is supplied with the machine, and there are rumours of other languages being ported in the future.

BeOs eventually became used on the x86 and standard PPC.

Be, Inc. went bankrupt in 1999, after releasing the last upgrade of BeOS (R5.0.3), and was sold to Palm.

Several groups are currently (2003) attempting to create an R6 version of the OS. The most likely to succeed are Yellowtab and OpenBeOS, which is likely to be renamed.
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New environmental goals set to achieve Net Positive status by 2030
While a slight rebound in tourism and a net positive impact from low oil prices and the depreciation of the euro has helped the economy, the subdued operating environment would not augur well for the nation's banking system, the ratings agency said.
While there has been a modest positive adjustment in projected GST revenue this year and a net positive outcome in total of $25 million over the forward estimates, the slowing national economy and potential negative impact on GST receipts means these figures must be treated with caution.
com)-- The new NOVA e+ Home in Springfield is claiming the title of Northern Virginia's first net positive energy residence, raising the bar on energy conservation -- currently set at net zero -- and redefining the meaning of green living.
Yet fewer Americans feel the same way about the Internet industry, with a drop off in net positive ratings in this area since last year.
Western Europe was significantly less net positive regionally (4%) than the rest of the world where overall net positivity is 37%.
The difference between the optimists and pessimists--the net positive reading--is a strong 28 percent for private office, manufacturing and the combined retail/warehouse/lodging segments, and 25 percent for power and hospital/higher education construction.
Americans' views of seven industries, including Faming/Agriculture and Advertising/Public Relations are substantially improved this year, based on increases of 10 points or more in the industries' net positive ratings.
At present, the bank has been transformed to encompass multiple-line business platform that has achieved remarkable success as evident by its consistent and sustained net positive operating performance over the last three years.
Vice President Joe Biden, who serves as president of the Senate, was the only lawmaker polled to get a net positive rating, where in 49 percent viewed him favorably, and 45 percent regarded him unfavorably, the paper added.
Similarly, China is predicted to benefit, with the increase to sugarcane production from warmer temperatures more than offsetting a reduction in sugar beet output, with an overall net positive effect of 5.
Strong 2Q12 net income was in contrast to weakening operating income (down 52% YoY and 61% QoQ), reflecting the net positive effect of forex gains.