Internet TV

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Internet TV

Watching TV programs and movies from the Internet on a computer, mobile device or TV. People have watched video clips on the Web for years; however, Internet-based movies on demand such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, VUDU and iTunes migrated to the living room TV via a set-top box that converts network packets to digital TV signals.

"Smart TVs" and modern Blu-ray players have built-in set-top box functionality for these movie "streaming" services, and Google introduced its second-generation integrated TV platform in 2014 (see Android TV).

From the User's Device to the TV Set
Several device-to-TV solutions are available for sending content from a computer or mobile device to the TV (see AirPlay, Chromecast, Miracast and wireless USB). Another approach is the "home theater PC," which is a Windows PC with an interface for large TV screens (see HTPC). In addition, any computer with a video-out port can be cabled directly to a TV.

The earliest approach for sending Internet content to the TV was the WebTV set-top box in 1996. With a keyboard and mouse, it connected to the Internet via dial-up (see MSN TV). See smart TV, digital media hub, Yahoo Connected TV, video portal and video-on-demand.

Zinc Video Portal
Zinc ( is a browser application that finds movies and TV shows on the Web. Providing a 10-foot user interface for large screens, Zinc enables access to a host of free and paid content. See 10-foot user interface.
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With the exception of the Netherlands, all European net TV advertising markets in RTL Group s territories were up or stable year-on-year.
Castles of New York, Wolf Empire, The Streeter) along with Mens Net TV Mr Roy Barreca.
Launched by Emirates NBD as a public service initiative, and in line with the bank's commitment to financial literacy and personal savings, "Pay Yourself First" has been introduced in partnership with leading international and local organisations, including Google, The National, Alam Attijarat, Al Wataniya, 7 Days, NeoPromo , Dubai TV, Sony TV, Asia Net TV, among others.
The parties were nearing an agreement on a unity government with the main sticking point being a demand by New Democracy, Greece's largest opposition party, that Papandreou resign before a deal is concluded, deputy government spokesman Angelos Tolkas told state-run NET TV.
Net TV advertising revenues for ITV fell by 15%, against a 16% fall for the market.
These three men are walking outside when my son is lying dead," Oliver Zammit, who took the decision to switch off his son's life-support system in an Athens hospital on Friday, told Greek channel Net TV.
Net TV customer additions ( those joining, less those leaving ( is now expected to be "roughly flat" as the group's fears of a wave of departures appear to be subsiding.
Net TV customer additions is now expected to be "roughly flat" as the group's fears of a wave of departures appear to be easing.
The players also appeared to enjoy a keynote speech from Fox Sports Net TV commentator Chris Rix.
Additionally they offer the bondholders a 50 per cent participation in the net TV rights' revenue from The Oggies, together with a five per cent participation in all merchandise and video sales worldwide.
The reclining armchair has a fold-out Sony wireless keyboard for use with net TV, a built-in powerpoint and broadband socket for laptops and an analogue phone port.
Net TV, also expected to grow rapidly over the next few years, offers an additional area of potential demand.