resultant of forces

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Resultant of forces

A system of at most a single force and a single couple whose external effects on a rigid body are identical with the effects of the several actual forces that act on the body. For analytic purposes, forces are grouped and replaced by their resultant. Forces can be added graphically (see illustration) or analytically. The sum of more than two vector forces can be found by extending the method of illus. c to a three-dimensional vector polygon in which one force is drawn from the tip of the previous one until all are laid out.

Resultant of two forces acting through a common centerenlarge picture
Resultant of two forces acting through a common center

The resultant force is the force vector required to close the polygon directed from the tail of the first force vector to the tip of the last. A force system has a zero force resultant if its vector polygon closes.

Two force systems are equivalent if their resultant forces, as described above, are equal and if their total vector moments about the same point are also equal. Vector moments are combined in the same manner as forces, that is, by parallelograms, triangles, or polygons. A resultant is the equivalent force system having the fewest possible forces and couples. See Couple, Force, Statics

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resultant of forces

[ri′zəlt·ənt əv ′fȯrs·əz]
A system of at most a single force and a single couple whose external effects on a rigid body are identical with the effects of the several actual forces that act on that body.
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At the same time, the vertical cavity mode also creates a net pressure distribution, which in turn causes a net force to be applied in the Z-direction to the rim surface.
Since higher strains were found in specimen 43155, the entire range of net force and torque with respect to the flexion angle was plotted to determine if impingement could affect the force of loading.
not accelerating), then Newton's Second Law tells us that the normal force (the contact force exerted by the scale on the volunteer) must increase, so that the net force on the volunteer is zero!
As shown in Figure 5(a), the net limiting force (h = [h.sub.c]) and net force at pile top (h = 0) vary with the pile location.
If this occurs, the cutting speed at the very edge of the cutting surface will increase (again, cutting speed is a function of cutting radius) and this will produce an ever-increasing net force pushing the drill towards the non-cutting half of the drill.
The net force links to the acceleration of the node points through Newton's law as
A scale measured that pull and confirmed that the net force acting on the target was directed straight down, toward the ultrasound machine.
The BLI aerodynamic benefit is determined by comparing the mechanical power produced by the fans in each configuration at cruise conditions, defined as zero net force on the model as determined by the wind tunnel force balance.
The unequal heating of the asteroid results in a net force strong enough to cause the asteroid to shift from its current orbit, Hyland further theorizes.
He also knows that the acceleration of the laid-back lummox sitting in front of the screen is directly proportional to the net force of a gross-out gag.
As acceleration a is a function of the net force applied to a body with mass m (according to Newton's law, a = F/m), so change in gene frequency is a function of external environmental 'forces' and phenotypic properties of organisms (crudely analogous to mass.)