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(NETwork PC) An earlier approach for managing Windows computers that never caught on. Introduced in 1997, NetPCs could be configured as fat clients, but all software was monitored by a management server for version upgrades. Designed to boot from the network, floppy disks and CD-ROM drives were discouraged.

Also Like a Network Computer
The NetPC could be configured like a network computer, but would boot from the network each time it was turned on. It would also download all applications from the network and use the local hard disk to cache parts of the software for performance.

NetPCs conformed to the NetPC Design Guidelines, which included Intel's Wired for Management Baseline Specification (see WfM). Intel's LANDesk Configuration Manager was the first management server to support NetPCs. See network computer.

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But Pat Gelsinger, vice president and general manager of Intel's Internet group, said the Intel NetPC would cost only slightly less than today's Intel-based machines.
Estimated to cost between $1,000 and $1,200, the NetPC will include a minimum 100-MHz Pentium processor, 16 MB of memory and a hard disk for caching, but no floppy disk or slots for add-one.
Celebrating more than twelve years as one of the world's leading motherboard manufacturers, the company will display over two dozens of their latest ground-breaking motherboards, AGPhantom VGA cards, NetPC systems, and new Windows-Based Terminal.
a Micro-Star Company, today announced the MS-6207 Concerto NetPC.
Popular AT-2500TX Adapters Now Meet NetPC, OnNow and ACPI Standards
Will Create Largest NetPC Network in Mexico and in Latin America
The company will display over a dozen of their latest ground-breaking motherboards and AGP VGA cards, and demonstrate their advanced Concerto III NetPC system.