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By placing the entrepreneur as the lynchpin of its work, the Startup Farm offers entrepreneurs attended in their programs access to a wide network of mentors and facilitators who, together with its institutional partners, academics, corporations and investors have generated success stories in the Brazilian and International market as EasyTaxi, WorldPackers, Social Miner, Nexer, NetShow.
Research & Testing: 3Com will test networked multimedia applications such as Microsoft's NetMeeting and NetShow and VDOnet's VDOLive and VDOPhone systems in the 3Com Multimedia Laboratory with a focus on characterizing behavior of these works.
Each Webcaster uses one or more systems, choosing from programs like RealPlayer, QuickTime, NetShow, CosmoPlayer, Shockwave Player, InterVU, VivoActive and others.
The VivoActive technology, used in NetShow, incorporates a timeline feature that allows the Web developer to insert markers into the content stream at set intervals; this enables Web users to essentially fast-forward the stream.
In the meantime, we had selected Microsoft's NetShow application to deliver the audio feed of our lecture.
8-baud modem, at minimum, is needed, plus the NetShow player plug-in.
net) will be able to not only read and hear interviews with the astronauts but also view live and archived footage created using Sony's DSR-130 DVCAM digital video camera and transmitted through the Web using Microsoft's NetShow 2.
s NetShow and Progressive Networks' RealMedia architecture.
0 technologies and trademarks for incorporation into its Netshow streaming server, which will become part of Microsoft Site Server, providing compatibility with the broadest array of existing content.