Netherlands East Indies

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Netherlands East Indies:

see IndonesiaIndonesia
, officially Republic of Indonesia, republic (2015 est. pop. 258,162,000), c.735,000 sq mi (1,903,650 sq km), SE Asia, in the Malay Archipelago. The fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia comprises more than 15,000 islands extending c.
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Firstly, the Costa Rica Packet affair provides rare glimpses of day-to-day British commercial life in the remote eastern islands of the Netherlands East Indies in the mid to late nineteenth century.
While Batavia was the "seat of government" and the city generally "perceived as [the] cosmopolitan metropole" of the colony, Surabaya was a major military town and the principal mercantile centre of the Netherlands East Indies (Cohen 2006, p.
In November 1925, starting with the city of Surabaya in East Java, Dutch and Sino-Malay newspapers in the Netherlands East Indies repeatedly referred to a new popular star who electrified audiences with her versatile acting, singing and dancing.
Therefore the early and swift capture of the island fulfilled Imperial Japan's needs for resources as well as facilitated the capture of Singapore, Malaya, and the Netherlands East Indies.
In March 1942, he spotted a contingent of Netherlands East Indies Air Force B-25s sitting on an airfield near Melbourne.
The Japanese had been in economic negotiations with the Netherlands East Indies (NEI) government in Batavia since September 1940 and were seeking a special economic position in the Netherlands East Indies.
Equally, despite their successes elsewhere in the Netherlands East Indies, Bali was never truly subjugated by the Dutch.
The chapters by two other young promising historians, Amrita Malhi and Chiara Formichi, on British Malaya and the Netherlands East Indies respectively, bring into the twentieth century the study of Southeast Asian interest in the Ottoman Empire as well as that of the contemporary Turkish Republic.
The fall of the Tijater pass would pave the way for the Japanese to move on to Bandoeng and bring the campaign for the Netherlands East Indies to a conclusion.
Some of the more prominent stations in the region were Bogor and Bandung in the old Netherlands East Indies (Indonesia), Cameron Highlands and Penang Hill in Malaysia, and Dalat in French Indochina (Vietnam).
"Discovery" of Indonesian customary law (adat recht), eloquently defended by Cornelis Van Vollenhoven (1874-1932), and its utilization by the Netherlands East Indies government provoked acrimonious academic and administrative debates both within and between Leiden and Utrecht University schools of thought.
Most of the early chapters, however, center on the 19th Bomb Group's B-17s in their valiant effort to defend the Philippines, the Netherlands East Indies, and Australia.

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