Netscape Navigator

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Netscape Navigator

(networking, tool, product)
/Mozilla/ (Often called just "Netscape") A World-Wide Web browser from Netscape Communications Corporation. The first beta-test version was released free to the Internet on 13 October 1994. Netscape evolved from NCSA Mosaic (with which it shares at least one author) and runs on the X Window System under various versions of Unix, on Microsoft Windows and on the Apple Macintosh.

It features integrated support for sending electronic mail and reading Usenet news, as well as RSA encryption to allow secure communications for commercial applications such as exchanging credit card numbers with net retailers. It provides multiple simultaneous interruptible text and image loading; native inline JPEG image display; display and interaction with documents as they load; multiple independent windows. Netscape was designed with 14.4 kbps modem links in mind.

You can download Netscape Navigator for evaluation, or for unlimited use in academic or not-for-profit environments. You can also pay for it.

Version: 1.0N.

E-mail: <>.

Netscape Navigator

An earlier Web browser for Windows, Macintosh and X Windows from Netscape Communications Corporation that provided secure transmission over the Internet. Soon after its introduction in 1994, Navigator, or just plain "Netscape," as it was commonly called, quickly became the leading browser on the Web. As of Version 6.0, the Navigator name was dropped, and February 1, 2008 was its last update.

Initially a paid product, Netscape was forced to give Navigator away after Microsoft launched its Internet Explorer (IE) browser as a free program. Soon after, Microsoft integrated IE into the Windows 98, and it quickly became the primary Web browser.

Website Ratings and Integrated Toolbars
In 2005, Netscape 8.0 was introduced for Windows with a website rating system that warned users of suspicious sites. For trustworthy sites, it rendered pages using Internet Explorer technology, but for dubious sites, pages were displayed in Gecko, the rendering engine used in Firefox.

Version 8.0 integrated toolbar buttons for weather, movies, stocks and other information, and a Webmail button could be configured to go to the user's Web-based email accounts. It also let family members have their own and settings. See Netscape.

Netscape Navigator
The Navigator Web browser was part of Netscape's Communicator package, which included a variety of additional Internet utilities. (Web page example courtesy of Pyramid Studios,
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It combines the rich features of the recently released Netscape Navigator 1.
Included in Personal Edition, Netscape Navigator 1.
Netscape Navigator Personal Edition requires at least a 386sx PC, a 14.
Commercial users can purchase supported licensed copies of Netscape Navigator directly from Netscape Communications.
Last week, Netscape announced that it would offer Netscape Navigator 4.
Sun's commitment to standardize on the 100% Pure Java Netscape Navigator software as its standard browser continues the tremendous momentum behind our Netscape Everywhere initiative, bringing Netscape technology to millions of new users," said Jim Barksdale, president and chief executive officer at Netscape.
The combination of leading IBM offerings and Netscape Navigator will make it easy for businesses to deliver powerful e-business applications to their customers," said John M.
Note to Editors: Netscape and Netscape Navigator are registered trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation in the United States and other countries.
Netscape ONE and Netscape Navigator are trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation.
Internet Support, including "one-click download and open" from Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, and built-in support for many Internet file formats, including UUencode, XXencode, BinHex, MIME, TAR, gzip, and Unix compress.