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A number of Players are also available FREE which include a stand alone desktop Player, Netscape Plug-in, ActiveX Plug-in, or JAVA Player.
0 also allows remote users to access an intranet web page and pull down packages via ActiveX or Netscape Plug-in.
Rapid Follow-up Release Includes New Netscape Plug-in and
The Internet Explorer plug-in is now available, and the Netscape plug-in will be released later this month.
With Netscape LiveConnect and the Netscape Plug-in API, Netscape is making it easy for developers to quickly create applications that translate into usable business solutions.
WebXpresso is comprised of the WebXpresso Server and the Netscape plug-in.
0 runs as a native Netscape plug-in and Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX control, and supports the Microsoft DirectX platform, including Direct3D hardware acceleration, DirectInput and DirectSound.
Netscape provides access to plug-ins through the Netscape plug-in directory at: http://home.
The new Plug-Ins, developed in just four months since the API's introduction, are available immediately from the Netscape Plug-In Clearinghouse on the Netscape Web site.
Stingray's Objective Plug-in is the first to automate the process of building Plug-ins, which are based on the Netscape Plug-in API," said Tim Hickman, Plug-in Evangelist at Netscape.