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(Or "rstat") A Unix command to give statistics about the network including socket status, interfaces that have been auto-configured, memory statistics, routing tables.

Unix manual pages: rstat(3), netstat(8).
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(NETwork STATistics) A command line utility that reports the status of TCP/IP and Ethernet connections. Netstat comes with all major operating systems, but the Linux/Unix versions provide the most command options. GUI-based versions for Windows, such as NetStat Live and X-Netstat, are also available. See IPCONFIG and NSLOOKUP.

Windows Netstat Commands
Following are some of the commands used in the Windows version of netstat.

Command           Purpose

 netstat ?         Help with commands

 netstat -a        Active ports

 netstat -e        Ethernet statistics

 netstat -r        Routing table

 netstat -s        Stats for all protocols

 netstat -sp udp   Stats for UDP protocol
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