Network Information Service

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Network Information Service

(networking, protocol)
(NIS) Sun Microsystems' Yellow Pages (yp) client-server protocol for distributing system configuration data such as user and host names between computers on a network.

Sun licenses the technology to virtually all other Unix vendors.

The name "Yellow Pages" is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom of British Telecommunications plc for their (paper) commercial telephone directory. Sun changed the name of their system to NIS, though all the commands and functions still start with "yp", e.g. ypcat, ypmatch, ypwhich.

Unix manual pages: yp(3), ypclnt(3), ypcat(1), ypmatch(1).
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It also announced a number of new health care network information service alliances.
Reflection NFS Connection for Windows NT also provides support for networks managed by Network Information Service (NIS), the management standard used on many Uations in the network to maximize responsiveness throughout the day, making NT-UNIX connections efficient and highly stable.
The tourist information service system includes the tourism logo guide services, travel network information services, tourism promotional materials display and tourist information hotline.
23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ITS World Congress -- INRIX announced at the 19TH World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) it has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract by Network Information Services Ltd (NIS) in England to provide real-time traffic speed and travel time information for the Highways Agency's National Traffic Information Service (NTIS).
System administrators also learn about the interfaces available for programming and scripting against a directory, and the integration of OpenLDAP with the Linux operating system and network information services.
Network Information Services (NIS) support - allows UNIX user accounts to be imported into a Windows NT domain and enables UNIX/NT password synchronization
Batelco's subsidiary, Arabian Network Information Services (anis), will participate in the project as Batelco's project management representative.
In the world software industry in 2006, open-source software, embedded software and systems, network security software, enterprise application management software, software outsourcing, network information services and digital contents have all become hotspots for industry development.
Its main tasks are operating and developing the Wroclaw Academic Computer Network (WACN), operating and developing high-performance computing servers, and operating and developing network information services for Wroclaw University of Technology and for all the universities and research institutions in Wroclaw.
It supports heterogeneous network environments -- including Windows, Linux, UNIX, Apple, and Netware -- and for system compatibility supports Microsoft's Active Directory Services, access control lists, UNIX Network Information Services, SNMP, group quotas, and environment-monitoring tools.
RAID levels 0,1,0+1, 4 and 5 are supported, as are enterprise level functions such as Network Information Services, NT services, volumes and shares, quotas, support for multiple spares and local or remote network backup.

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