Network Information Service

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Network Information Service

(networking, protocol)
(NIS) Sun Microsystems' Yellow Pages (yp) client-server protocol for distributing system configuration data such as user and host names between computers on a network.

Sun licenses the technology to virtually all other Unix vendors.

The name "Yellow Pages" is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom of British Telecommunications plc for their (paper) commercial telephone directory. Sun changed the name of their system to NIS, though all the commands and functions still start with "yp", e.g. ypcat, ypmatch, ypwhich.

Unix manual pages: yp(3), ypclnt(3), ypcat(1), ypmatch(1).
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The combination of the employment network information service platform and the college students employment guidance mode
Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Network Information Service (NIS) security
Tokyo, Japan, Oct 5, 2005 - (JCN Newswire) - Mazda Motor Corporation today announced the timing for the launch of its next-generation network information service, Mazda G-BOOK ALPHA, an interactive in-vehicle information service.
Investment Protection: StorageSecure integrates within existing IT architectures and uses existing Active Directory, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Network Information Service (NIS) security policies and client authentication, and covers any CIFS and NFS communications supporting NAS and file servers.
The network also has a Network Information Service (GARR-NIS) at Pisa, with a Gopher that provides information and addresses about GARR and the Italian network (gopher.
0 makes it easy for administrators to preserve pre-existing security identities by grouping Linux and UNIX systems within Active Directory and define multiple UIDs and GIDs as well as Network Information Service (NIS) mapping to support legacy directory migration.
New enhanced security features include support for Microsoft Active Directory-based authentication and access control for Windows environments as well as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Network Information Service (NIS) for Linux and UNIX environments.
The product also eases migration off Network Information Service (NIS) or other Unix authentication mechanisms by eliminating the requirement to reconcile multiple user identities when moving to Active Directory.
A platform-independent interface, JNDI allows FirstSQL/J applications to work with a variety of important services including the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Novell Directory Service (NDS), Microsoft Active Directory, Network Information Service (NIS), and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) -- so that developers need not lock into a single-vendor solution.
Reflection NFS Connection for Windows NT also provides support for networks managed by Network Information Service (NIS), the management standard used on many Uations in the network to maximize responsiveness throughout the day, making NT-UNIX connections efficient and highly stable.

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