Network Operations Center

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Network Operations Center

(NOC) A location from which the operation of a network or internet is monitored. Additionally, this center usually serves as a clearinghouse for connectivity problems and efforts to resolve those problems.

See also Network Information Center.
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(1) (Network Operations Center) A central or regional location for monitoring a large network. Also called a "network management center" (NMC), "service management center" (SMC) or "network control center" (NCC), a NOC may be used to manage a large enterprise network, telecommunications network or TV broadcasting network. See network control center.

(2) (Network On Chip) A programmable network within a chip. NOCs are typically found on high-end systems-on-chip (SoCs), which have a variety of processing units as well as programmable circuits that have to be tied together. See Versal.
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High-Rely MediStor works seamlessly with Arcserve to provide FIPS 140-2 compliant data protection with no extra fees for Exchange or SQL, and unlimited encrypted cloud storage to our HIPAA compliant Network Operations Center in San Diego with file retention up 7-years and beyond for no additional monthly charge.
(NASDAQ: AVNW) announced a multi-year agreement with the East Bay Regional Communications System (EBRCS) to provide mission-critical 24/7 remote monitoring for its public safety network through Aviat Networks' Network Operations Centers.
The Hughes HN System comprises a Network Operations Center (NOC) and 5,760 HN7000S satellite terminals that will enable public schools, hospitals, libraries, and government offices to connect to the Web and each other via broadband Internet access.
The new high-speed firewall is integrated into the Digex Network Operations Center (NOC) to monitor firewall performance.
This is the company's fifth Network Operations Center (NOC).
The company's Network Operations Center in Frisco, Texas will be responsible for managing network traffic and teams at command centres in Charlotte and elsewhere are reportedly ready to call in teams of technicians and engineers to start restoration work if needed.
Network management and support services for NavLogix will be managed through the Numerex Network Operations Center based in Atlanta, US.

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