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The IP Access System provides Edge Network Access solutions for Telephony over IP and high-speed data applications in broadband HFC Networks with DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS- based Network Interface Unit (NIU) devices.
The release of an Arteris Network Interface Unit for the popular 3 AXI protocol further strengthens the ability of Arteris to support market leading IP blocks without modification and enable more efficient IP reuse.
A wavelength-specific CWDM network interface unit (NIU) is deployed at each location to provide a secure two-way link as well as media conversion.
ADC delivers a full suite of products designed to help carriers deliver Ethernet services, including the LoopStar 800/810 SONET Access Systems designed to help carriers deploy and manage existing hicap T1 and next-gen Ethernet based broadband services using existing TDM networks and local loop facility infrastructure; Ethernet Distribution Frames that serve a centralized distribution point; and the Ethernet Network Interface Unit (ENIU) installed at the remote premise, to provide the demarcation point between the customer and carrier network.
Westell's new products for wireless networks include distributed antenna systems products, Ethernet network interface units and switches, and tower-mounted amplifiers.
Viasource has more than 3,500 employees connecting digital converters, network interface units, high speed modems, Ethernet switches, routers and d-slams allowing end- users access to streaming voice, video, and data through today's most sophisticated broadband technologies.
Hekimian's affordable Loop Transport Test System (LTTS) provides feature-rich testing for intelligent office repeaters, network interface units, and HDSL transport units.
Broadcom's reference design, which is built around the Broadcom BCM3300 QAMLink Single-Chip Cable Modem, will enable manufacturers to easily incorporate IP telephony and videoconferencing capabilities into next-generation cable modems, external wall-mounted network interface units (NIUs), and cable-TV set-top boxes.
Rather than hard-wiring individual terminals to a mainframe as in the earlier network, any kind of terminal can now be wired to these local network interface units using an extra pair of telephone wires; three pairs of telephone wires were run to each faculty and administrative office when the new telephone system was installed.
It operates at 10 Mb/s using a token-passing protocol, with network intelligence distributed among multiport Network Interface Units, which serve individual user devices and eliminate the throughput bottleneck of a head-end computer.
Net-Net 14000 network interface units (NIUs), which are installed in the rear slots and paired with MPU4500 modules, offer on-board encryption acceleration hardware.
It also brings the benefits of Sun's CMT processors, such as low power per thread, integrated crypto functionality, dual on-board 10 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network interface units, and industry standard bus interconnect technology, to a wide range of embedded system applications such as load balancing, routing, security and application acceleration.

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