home network

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home network

(1) A central system for controlling lights and appliances in the home. See home control network.

(2) A home network comprises the computers and mobile devices connected to each other for Internet access as well as file and printer sharing. A wireless router is the only hardware necessary to create a home network, which is technically a local area network (LAN) and Wi-Fi hotspot (access point).

We Have a What?
Many users would answer "no" if asked "do you have a home network." However, everyone with a wireless router and two or more devices (computers, tablets or smartphones) has a home network. See wireless router, LAN and Wi-Fi hotspot. Contrast with business network.
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"With 36 million users of broadband DSL globally as of year-end 2002, the pace of subscriber adoption is accelerating and DSL Forum is focused on tailoring DSL to empower networked homes around the world.
Nonetheless, more networked homes mean more potential places where DTV could be integrated with other technologies--although, again, it must be, said that the legality 'of re-transmitting signals within the home remains fuzzy.
A new initiative has been launched by the UK Government that is intended to make smart appliances and networked homes available sooner.
The most unique function of the software is that it can be interrupted while replying to a user and still carry on with a 'conversation.' According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, the Japanese telco envisages the machine being used as a command and control device for networked homes and a voice activated search engine.

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