Neural Plate

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neural plate

[′nu̇r·əl ′plāt]
The thickened dorsal plate of ectoderm that differentiates into the neural tube.
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Neural Plate


(also medullary plate), the early rudiment of the central nervous system in chordate animals and in man. The underlying chordamesoderm induces the formation of the neural plate from the ectoderm.

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Shh protein is expressed in the notochord at this stage [113, 288] and application of either Shh-expressing cells or purified protein to intermediate neural plate explants leads to induction of the floor plate [113], suggesting that Shh is the MHP-inducing morphogen.
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(2005) Patterning across the ascidian neural plate by lateral Nodal signalling sources.
(2010) doublesex/mab3 related-1 (dmrtl) is essential for development of anterior neural plate derivatives in Ciona.
Material: NHMUK R5204, a neural plate lacking its posterior region.
Description: SHN.LPP 173 corresponds to the posterior region of a neural plate, the anterior region of another, and the medial region of a pair of costal plates, in addition to the posteromedial edge of the left costal plate anterior to that pair, and the anteromedial edge of the right costal posterior to that pair.
Prior to neural tube closure, F-actin is accumulated at the medial plane of the epidermal cells adjacent to the neural plate. This accumulation depends on Rho and Rho kinase (ROCK), because it is abolished by pharmacological inhibition of ROCK.
The coordination between the proliferation and differentiation of neural plate cells seems to be essential for proper neural tube closure.
The caudal neural plate was fairly plentiful (Figure 1d), but the middle neural groove showed weak expression (Figure 1b).
Within the apical disc, the ciliated ray cells (CR) have single axonal projections that make ipsilateral contact with the cell bodies of the neural plate cells (NP; Fig.
In amphibians, as in mammals and birds, the developing neural plate gives rise to both the central nervous system and the neural crest.
During early steps of neurulation, the competence of the neural crest-forming region (termed "neural plate border") to respond to neural crest-inducing signals is established by a complex set of molecular signals emanating from surrounding tissues (neural plate, underlying mesoderm, and prospective epidermis).

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