Neural Plate

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neural plate

[′nu̇r·əl ′plāt]
The thickened dorsal plate of ectoderm that differentiates into the neural tube.

Neural Plate


(also medullary plate), the early rudiment of the central nervous system in chordate animals and in man. The underlying chordamesoderm induces the formation of the neural plate from the ectoderm.

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The mRNA was redundant in rostral head fold (Figure 1j), but it was weak in caudal neural plate (Figure 1l).
Prospective neural crest can first be identified by the late gastrula stage (stage 12, ~13 hr after fertilization) by expression of mRNA encoding the zinc finger gene Xslug on the lateral edge of the neural plate (Mayor et al.
Research between the appearance of the primitive streak (day 14) and the beginning of neural tube closure (day 21) to increase understanding of why the neural plate sometimes fails to close.

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