Neural Plate

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neural plate

[′nu̇r·əl ′plāt]
The thickened dorsal plate of ectoderm that differentiates into the neural tube.

Neural Plate


(also medullary plate), the early rudiment of the central nervous system in chordate animals and in man. The underlying chordamesoderm induces the formation of the neural plate from the ectoderm.

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2010) doublesex/mab3 related-1 (dmrtl) is essential for development of anterior neural plate derivatives in Ciona.
2007) Sequential and combinatorial inputs from Nodal, Delta2/Notch and FGF/MEK/ERK signalling pathways establish a grid-like organisation of distinct cell identities in the ascidian neural plate.
The length of the sulcus delimiting the two vertebrals is, on the neural plate, twice its length from the contact with the pleural scute to the contact with this neural.
Furthermore, the concavity of the anterior margin of some neural plates of this species is recognized as more developed than that commonly present in the other species.
The coordination between the proliferation and differentiation of neural plate cells seems to be essential for proper neural tube closure.
Neural plate morphogenesis and cell lineages during neurulation.
All of them were confined to an identical region, neural tube, neural groove and caudal neural plate, corresponding to the future notochord or spinal cord.
Sox2 mRNA expression was fairly plentiful in the caudal neural plate similaly to Cdc25A, which is different from the report of Uwanogho et al.
The nervous system of both Bugula stolonifera and Bugula neritina consists of ciliated ray cells, neural plate cells, paraxial nerve cords, a nerve nodule, and a coronal nerve ring (Fig.
About 20 neural plate cells (NP) form a bean-like structure in the center of the apical disc (Fig.
Prospective neural crest can first be identified by the late gastrula stage (stage 12, ~13 hr after fertilization) by expression of mRNA encoding the zinc finger gene Xslug on the lateral edge of the neural plate (Mayor et al.
The action of this initial regulatory module establishes the neural plate border by upregulating within it a set of transcription factors including but probably not limited to Msx1/2, Pax3/7, and Zic family members (Bang et al.

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