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A tumor characterized by the diffuse proliferation of peripheral nerve elements. Also known as endoneural fibroma; myxofibroma of nerve sheath; neurofibromyxoma; perineural fibroblastoma; perineural fibroma.
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a benign tumor that originates in membranes of peripheral nerves and is localized in any part of the body along the path of a nerve trunk. Neurofibromas most often affect the sciatic and intercostal nerves. The multiple occurrence of neurofibromas is called neurofibromatosis.

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He suffers with neurofibromatosis which causes neurofibromas, rare growths on his lower left leg and body that have become unbearable to live with.
Pigmented (melanotic) neurofibroma: a clinicopathologic and immunohistochemical analysis of 19 lesions from 17 patients.
Surgical pathology revealed plexiform neurofibroma involving the gallbladder without any evidence of malignant transformation.
Therefore, GIST and myogenic tumors were excluded, and histological pattern of lymphoid aggregation plus capsule presence highly suggested schwannoma rather than neurofibroma.
Sudden enlargement or worsening pain in a preexisting neurofibroma may indicate a malignant transformation to MPNST.
Caption: Figure 1: Macroscopic and microscopic appearances of the nipple neurofibroma. (a) Gross appearance of the largest lesion showing a pedunculated polypoid mass.
38 patients were posted for posterior rod insertion; 12 were posted for posterior decompression of dorsal cord with removal of internal fibres of neurofibroma with corrective instrumentation.
(3) NF1 is characterized by multiple cafe-au-lait macules, axillary freckling, neurofibromas, and Lisch nodules (pigmented iris hamartomas).
Peripheral nerve tumors that may manifest in oral cavity includes several differentials such as schwannoma (also known as neurilemmoma or peripheral nerve sheath tumor), neurofibroma, neurinoma in association with multiple endocrine neoplasia, palisaded encapsulated neurinoma, traumatic neuroma and granular cell tumor.2,5 Immunohistochemical reactivity against S-100 and neuron-specific enolase is an essential tool to differentiate these tumors from spindle cell neoplasms of other origin (myofibroblastic tumors, tumors of muscle tissue origin, and fibroblastic tumors).
In our case, involvement of sacroiliac joint was secondary to juxtaarticular plexiform neurofibroma with massive invasion of the right sacroiliac joint.