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A branch of linguistics concerned with the biological basis of language development.



a branch of neuropsychology concerned with the study and restoration of impaired language skills, that is, it studies the psycholinguistic aspects of aphasia. The term “neurolinguistics,” adopted in the USSR by A. R. Luriia’s school, is rarely used in foreign psycholinguistics.


Luriia, A. R. “Problemy i fakty neirolingvistiki.” In Teoriia rechevoi deiatel’nosti. Moscow, 1968.
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The observances over the linguistic behavior of bilinguals and polyglots, suffering with brain focal lesion, provide an important material for neurolinguistics.
Then she studied neurolinguistic programming, social dynamics and conversational hypnosis - changing people's behaviour subconsciously, and soon realised she could change both her life and other women's lives.
The results will serve as a basis for a neurolinguistic model of both language acquisition and the functional organization of the adult language processing system.
SO Famous Corporate Etiquette courses include everything from CV writing to neurolinguistic programming and business attire.
Brainwashed us: Obama convinced Americans to vote for him by using neurolinguistic programming.
This seminar was based on the techniques of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).
Justyna Maciaszek, a psychologist and psychotherapist with a certificate in Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy (NLP) has used her clinical experiences to develop apps that help overcome phobias.
The multilingual phenomenon can be approached from different perspectives: educational (Cenoz, 2009; Rivers & Golonka, 2009), formal linguistic (Garcia Mayo & Rothman, 2012; Leung, 2009; Rothman, Iverson & Judy, 2011), neurolinguistic (Bardel & Falk, 2012; Franceschini, Zappatore & Nitsch, 2003), psycholinguistic (De Angelis, 2007) and sociolinguistic (Hoffman & Ytsma, 2004), among others.
4) Marantz claims that experiences no gap between generative theory and psycho- or neurolinguistic experimentation, and re-situates generative grammar within the general program of experimental cognitive neuroscience (mainstream generative linguistics operates at the nexus of computation, philosophy of language, and cognitive neuroscience).
Her 14 years as a Canadian peace officer coupled with a Master's Degree in Neurolinguistic Psychology, plus years of coaching and mentoring, offers a unique understanding of conflict situations.
I was in a fortunate position to be given the opportunity to use my skills as a registered mental health nurse, master in neurolinguistic programming and as human givens psychotherapist.