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A tumor of the nervous system.



a collective term designating several oncological conditions of the nervous system. Included as neuromas are neurinomas, neurofibromas, and neuroblastomas.

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The neuroma diagnosis is confirmed by pinching the space between the third and fourth toes while squeezing the foot from side to side.
Having been a victim of Morton's neuroma, one of The Centre for Morton's Neuroma founders, Dr.
As we continue our advanced research and development in the area of peripheral nerve repair for long gap nerve injuries, we are pleased to extend our existing product line to address an immediate clinical need in the area of neuroma formation at the terminal ends of injured nerves, "said ShuTung Li, Ph.
We asked what the Morton's neuroma had felt like at its worst.
Neurosurgery combined with neurotology (n euro-otology) surgery is the first choice of treatment for removing an acoustic neuroma, to prevent the permanent loss of hearing.
And I have adjusted to waning eyesight, diminished hearing, a thicken-ing waist and even Morton's Neuroma.
A MORTON'S NEUROMA is an inflamed nerve which leads to pain in the sole of the foot between the third and fourth toes.
The results indicate that desflurane is associated with similar operating conditions and faster postoperative recovery following acoustic neuroma surgery.
Depending on the population, anywhere from one to 20 people per 100,000 develop acoustic neuroma each year.
Abstract: A painful neuroma in the amputation stump of a finger can be psychologically and physically disabling.
The study conducted by the Institute of Cancer Research found there was no substantial risk of a rare type of brain cancer called acoustic neuroma with mobile use over 10 years.