Neutral Zone

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neutral zone

[′nü·trəl ‚zōn]

Neutral Zone


in international law, a definite geographic region in which preparation for military action is prohibited and which cannot be used as a military theater. As a rule, border and/or disputed land and maritime areas are declared neutral zones. The state involved may form a neutral zone on a unilateral basis or by international agreement. (For example, the territory between Iraq and Saudi Arabia was declared a neutral zone according to the Treaty of Baghdad of 1938.)

A neutral zone can be formed temporarily by a coastal state for security reasons during a war between other states (such neutral zones have been established, for example, by legislation in Belgium, Brazil, the Netherlands, and Japan), or it can be permanent (for example, neutralization of the Strait of Magellan according to a treaty between Chile and Argentina in 1881 and neutralization of the Panama Canal according to a treaty between the USA and Panama in 1903). Temporary neutral zones also include zones established by the combatants for carrying on negotiations (for example, to exchange prisoners of war, wounded, and sick or to negotiate a truce) and for the protection of cultural and historical sites. When a neutral zone is created, it is often demilitarized.

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There were greater numbers of subjects showing the buccal deviation of phonetic neutral zone in this particular area on both sides.
Prosthodontists have been utilising the neutral zone concept for denture fabrication since 1930s.
Immunisation will protect operating theatre professionals against hepatitis B but comprehensive training of operating theatre professionals in safer working practices such as double gloving, the use of blunt suture needles when possible and the use of the neutral zone to transfer sharps, as mandated by the June 2010 European Union Sharps Directive, will reduce the risk of percutaneous sharps injury (Commission of the European Communities 2010).
A dribbles diagonally toward C, they execute a 1-2 in the neutral zone for a shot.
An infusion of baby's breath has been much overused, but laurel provides a neutral zone that is acceptable if not profound
Fuentes, "through its ability to dynamically control extension while protecting and maintaining the neutral zone.
The incident happened at the neutral zone, shortly after setting off from Madinat Zayed just before the official start of stage one.
Tenders Are Invited for Re-electrification and civil engineering of the Hatrival neutral zone and catenary work and signaling preparatory to the 25kV switch between Hatrival and Arlon.
The row has its roots in Saudi Arabia's 2009 decision to renew US major Chevron's operating agreement for the kingdom's 50 per cent interest in the onshore Neutral Zone for another 30 years.
Relations between the two sisterly countries are too strong to be undermined by a difference in viewpoints," over oil production in the neutral zone, Jarallah said, speaking on the sidelines of a Gulf foreign ministers' meeting in the Saudi capital.
The objective of the study was to compare the satisfaction level of edentulous patients provided with complete dentures that were fabricated by either the neutral zone technique or the conventional technique.
Under the contract with Wafra Joint Operations, the builder will upgrade the main crude-oil gathering center at the Wafra field in the Neutral Zone between the two countries, SK EC said.