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symbol for element neptuniumneptunium
, radioactive chemical element; symbol Np; at. no. 93; mass number of most stable isotope 237; m.p. about 640°C;; b.p. 3,902°C; (estimated); sp. gr. 20.25 at 20°C;; valence +3, +4, +5, or +6. Neptunium is a ductile, silvery radioactive metal.
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(computer science)
The class of decision problems for which solutions can be checked in polynomial time.




The country code for Nepal.


(Number Portability) The capability of keeping the same telephone number when switching carriers or services. It all started with 800 numbers, which led to local number portability (LNP) and later to wireless number portability (WLNP). November 24, 2003 was known as "Cellphone Independence" day because it was the first time in the U.S. that customers in the top 100 metropolitan service areas (MSAs) could move their telephone numbers to a different carrier. In most cases, landline numbers can also be moved to a cellular carrier.
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As a result, we reached two main findings: First, we demonstrated that onset latency with onset and peak velocities in neutral position were the most sensitive parameters in the diagnosis of CTS.
In the neutral position the official has to see the opponent backing up or blocking.
HAND-WEEDING can be done by squatting, bending your knees and keeping your back in its neutral position.
Make sure you have something like a pad to kneel on and try to keep your back in its neutral position.
2]O using a cuff inflator (VBM cuff pressure gauge, VBM Medizintechnik, Germany) with the head and neck in the neutral position.
The organization has abandoned its neutral position and called for abortion to be decriminalized.
And they can have posts added in areas that need special support to achieve a subtalar neutral position.
They used a potentiometer as the accelerator pedal, and included a neutral position that commanded zero torque.
Keep back and wrist posture in neutral position when keyboarding;
By law, custodians must maintain a neutral position and can only convey the IRS regulations and their firm's investment policies; they cannot offer advice on transactions.
Exhale as you press out and keep your wrists in a neutral position.
Leaders of Northwest Airlines' pilots union took a neutral position on a tentative agreement reached with the company.