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A large granular leukocyte with a highly variable nucleus, consisting of three to five lobes, and cytoplasmic granules which stain with neutral dyes and eosin.
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(also called polymorphonuclear neutrophil leukocyte, microphage), a type of white blood cell, or leukocyte, occurring in vertebrates and man. The diameter of a neutrophil ranges from 9 to 12 μ. The cytoplasm of these cells contains granules that attract both basic and acidic dyes, and this is why these leukocytes are called neutrophils.

A neutrophil is classified according to its degree of maturity: a metamyelocyte is a young neutrophil with an unsegmented nucleus, a rod neutrophil has a nucleus in the shape of a curved rod, and segmented, or filamented, neutrophils have segmented nuclei. Neutrophils are phagocytes that are capable of ingesting small foreign particles, including microbes. By elaborating hydrolytic enzymes, neutrophils can lyse dead tissue. Neutrophilia is an abnormal increase in the concentration of neutrophils in the blood. (SeeLEUKOCYTOSIS.)

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Compared with a Barr body, which appears as a drumstick-shaped appendage of a nuclear lobe, (4) a Howell-Jolly body-like inclusion appears as a completely detached and densely basophilic inclusion in the cytoplasm of neutrophils. Howell-Jolly body-like inclusions are thought to represent a product of dysplastic granulopoiesis.
Neutrophil migration to the brain tissue affected by ischemia has also been shown by histochemical methods.
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So our approach is to take neutrophil cell membranes, which naturally have receptors to bind all these different types of cytokines, and use them to manage an entire population of inflammatory molecules," explained Zhang.
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