Neutsch, Erik

Neutsch, Erik


Born June 21, 1931, in Schönebeck. German author (German Democratic Republic). Member of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (1949).

From 1950 to 1953, Neutsch studied journalism in Leipzig. The main theme of his work is the ethical problems connected with the formation of the socialist consciousness of the working people. Among the works focusing on this subject are the collections Bitter/eld Short Stories (1961) and Others and I (1970), the novel The Trail of the Stones (1964), and the play Skin or Shirt (1972). Neutsch has written the opera libretto Karin Lenz (1971), song lyrics, and children’s stories. He has received the National Prize of the German Democratic Republic (1964), the H. Mann Prize (1971), and the G. F. Handel Prize (1973).


Die Regengeschichte. Halle an der Saale, 1960.
Die zweite Begegnung. Halle an der Saale, 1961.
Olaf und der gelbe Vogel. Berlin, 1972.
Aufder Suche nach Gott. Halle an der Saale-Berlin, 1973.


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