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a city under oblast jurisdiction, the center of Nevel’sk Raion, Sakhalin Oblast, RSFSR. Located on the western shore of southern Sakhalin Island; a port on the Sea of Japan (Tatar Strait). Railroad station. Population, 22,800 (1973). Nevel’sk is an important center of the fishing industry of Sakhalin (one-third of the fish caught and processed in the oblast). Direction of the trawling fleet is carried out from Nevel’sk, and the city has a ship-repair plant. There is a school of marine navigation. Nevel’sk was named in honor of G. I. Nevel’skoi.

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The ship was identified as the Xiang Hai Lin 8 and is the property of the Northeast Fishery Company based in Nevelsk, Russia, a port city located on Sakhalin approximately 400 km north of Sapporo, Japan.
Reportedly, all crew members of the Vostok vessel are either non-residents or residents of the Nevelsk district of the Sakhalin region.
The trawler is assigned to the Russian port of Nevelsk, located in the Sakhalin Region.
The vessel was operated by Magellan, a company based in Nevelsk, a port city on the island of Sakhalin in the Russian Far East.
The undersea cable between Nevelsk, Russia and Ishikari, Japan began commercial operations today (3 July).
8, 9), and at Nevelsk Port on the west side of Sakhalin Island (Belkin, 1966b; Perlov, 1970; Chupakhina et al., 2004).
Another Russian sailor from Nevelsk in Sakhalin was also released with the three and the four left Hanasaki port in Nemuro, eastern Hokkaido, for an unknown destination, immigration officials said.
One such occasion that I participated in was a gathering of those who had graduated from the same elementary school in Honto (today's Nevelsk) in 1945.
It is known that Steller sea lions hauled out below the cliffs at Kamen' Opasnosti, Moneron Island, breakwater of the Port Nevelsk, Tuleny Island, and Cape Elizavety (Kurcheva, 1955; Belkin, 1966b; Voronov, 1974; Itoo et al., 1977; Perlov, 1977; Perlov and Maminov, 1979; Kuzin and Naberezhnykh, 1991; Perlov and Chupakhina, 1991).