Nevil Shute

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Shute, Nevil

(Nevil Shute Norway), 1899–1960, English novelist, b. Ealing, Middlesex, grad. Oxford, 1922. After serving in World War I, he was manager of a construction company until 1938. He fought also in World War II and emigrated to Australia in 1950. Shute wrote 26 novels and was one the best-selling novelists of his era. His fast-paced novels usually illustrate moral themes. They include Ordeal (1939), The Pied Piper (1944), On the Beach (1957), and Trustee from the Toolroom (1960).
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What: Apocalyptic drama based on the acclaimed Nevil Shute novel.
My image-led culture of comic, film and arcade-game, of personal computer graphics and so on -- need not preclude the Nevil Shute story.
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In some respects, Ryan's book is reminiscent of adventure writers of a previous age - Nevil Shute and Lionel Davidson spring to mind - in that he can conjure the feel of a particular period with ease and never lets the awesome amount of research he has done get in the way of the narrative.
Specialist subjects are the NBA Finals 1985-2005, the life and works of Woody Allen, the life and works of Nevil Shute, and the Napoleonic Wars 1796-1815.
However, when asked which Nevil Shute novel described an Australian town being helped by its heroine's legacy, he replied "A High Wind in Jamaica".
It is reminiscent in many ways of the best of John Buchan and Nevil Shute, though this is by no means to imply that it is outdated or politically incorrect.
30pm*** A HARROWING, well-acted drama based on the Nevil Shute novel chronicling life among women prisoners of the Japanese in Malaya during the Second World War.