Nevil Maskelyne

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Maskelyne, Nevil


Born Oct. 6, 1732, in London; died Feb. 9, 1811, in Greenwich. English astronomer.

Maskelyne graduated from Cambridge University in 1754. Beginning in 1765 he was director of the Greenwich Observatory. Maskelyne conducted observations of stars, the sun, and the planets; he also studied the moon for the purpose of determining longitudes. He selected 36 bright stars, now called Maskelyne stars, in order to relate observations of the stars to observations of the sun and planets. In 1766 he founded the English astronomical yearbook Nautical Almanac. In 1774, Maskelyne attempted to determine the density of the earth.


Tables for Computing the Apparent Places of the Fixt Stars and Reducing Observations of the Planets. London, 1774.
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I suspect that in Maskelyne's case the comment may be meant as facetious: Mr John Neville Maskelyne of the Egyptian Hall was well noted for his debunking of spiritualists and exposes of seances and spirit manifestations.
It was from that spot in Scotland that Astronomer Royal Neville Maskelyne figured out how to weigh each of the planets.