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Shute, Nevil

(Nevil Shute Norway), 1899–1960, English novelist, b. Ealing, Middlesex, grad. Oxford, 1922. After serving in World War I, he was manager of a construction company until 1938. He fought also in World War II and emigrated to Australia in 1950. Shute wrote 26 novels and was one the best-selling novelists of his era. His fast-paced novels usually illustrate moral themes. They include Ordeal (1939), The Pied Piper (1944), On the Beach (1957), and Trustee from the Toolroom (1960).
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BASED on the best-selling Neville Shute novel about a group of women who, during World War II, are marched through Malaya by the Japanese.
In the words of Neville Shute in that harrowing film, On the beach, `there is still time brothers'--but, in my opinion, only just.
It is fair to say the co-production regulations were significantly liberal and I could see why they might be tightened up," says Southern Star Entertainment topper Errol O'Sullivan, who is developing "On the Beach," based on the popular Oz novel by Neville Shute, with Seven, MGM, Showtime, and Germany's Pro 7 and is about to lens four-part medical-political thriller "A Difficult Woman" for Oz's ABC.