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a city under direct krai jurisdiction in Stavropol’ Krai, RSFSR. Located on both banks of the Kuban’ River, where it is joined by the Bol’shoi Zelenchuk River, 54 km south of Stavropol’. Highway links to Stavropol’. A station on the Armavir-Prokhladnaia railroad line, with a 71-km branch to the stanitsa (large cossack village) of Ust’-Dzhegutinskaia. Population, 92,000 (1973; 40,000, 1959).

The city has a chemical combine, a primary wool-processing factory, and automotive and tire repair facilities. Other local products include boilers, electrical machinery, vegetable oil, dairy products, household chemicals, and electronic measuring equipment. Milling and poultry combines and a state regional electric power plant are located in the city. The general engineering department of the Stavropol’ Polytechnical Institute is in the city, along with a chemistry and mechanical engineering technicum and a power technicum. Nevinnomyssk was founded as a stanitsa near a small fortification in 1825; it became a city in 1939. The Nevinnomyssk Canal originates there.


Nevinnomyssk—gorod khimikov. Stavropol’, 1971.
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The European Investment Bank (EIB) is lending Euro 250 million to Russian company Enel OGK-5 to build a 410MW modern combined cycle gas turbine at a gas-fired power plant in Nevinnomyssk, south Russia.
The biggest fertilizer revenue increase among the Russian producers was at Togliatti Azot, followed by Kuibyshevazot, and then the two EuroChem nitrogen operations, Novomoskovsk and Nevinnomyssk," says Hatfield.
RUSSIA: Two students and two women were injured when a grenade taken by a student to a school in Nevinnomyssk in the Stavropol region exploded on Friday.
The bus was heading from Nevinnomyssk to Stavropol when it was seized about 7 am (0400 BST).
Tenders are invited for Development of the project to dismantle the main, auxiliary equipment, buildings and structures PGU-170 of the branch "Nevinnomyssk GRES" Development of the project of conservation of equipment and facilities PGU-170 "branch" Nevinnomyssk GRES "Development of the project to dismantle the main and auxiliary equipment of turbines.
357107, Stavropol region, Russia, nevinnomyssk, St.
Deputy President and Chairman of VTB Bank Management Board Mikhail Oseevskiy, Stavropol Territory administration head Vladimir Vladimirov and Arnest President Alexei Sagal took part in the opening ceremony of Arnest s new aluminum cylinder manufacturing line in Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol Territory.
d based on Stamicarbon technology and related utilities and offsites in the industrial site of Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol region.
The second facility is an ammonia plant with a capacity of 2,700 MTPD based on KBR technology, a granular urea plant with a capacity of 3,500 MTPD based on Stamicarbon technology (Maire Tecnimont Group s leading technology provider) and related Utilities and Offsites in the industrial site of Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol region.