Nevskaia Zvezda

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Nevskaia Zvezda


(Neva Star), a Bolshevik weekly newspaper, legally published in St. Petersburg from Feb. 26 (Mar. 10) through Oct. 5 (18), 1912. A total of 27 issues were published.

After Apr. 22 (May 5), 1912, Nevskaia zvezda took the place of Zvezda (Star), which had been closed down. Its editorial staff included N. N. Baturin, V. M. Molotov, and M. S. Ol’minskii. Ideological leadership was exercised from abroad by V. I. Lenin; Nevskaia zvezda published 20 of his articles. The newspaper was subjected to government harassment: of its 27 issues, nine were confiscated. It was closed down on Oct. 11 (24), 1912.


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