New Archangel

New Archangel,

Alaska: see SitkaSitka
, city (1990 pop. 8,588), Sitka census div., SE Alaska, in the Alexander Archipelago, on Baranof Island; inc. 1971. Fishing, its first industry, remains important; salmon, halibut, red snapper, crab, herring, abalone, and clams are caught.
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In that case, he was to land such part of his cargo as was intended for the establishment, and to proceed to New Archangel with the supplies intended for the Russian post at that place, where he could receive peltries in payment.
This isn't the first time Sitka has attempted to sell water products in bulk, but the last time the town was called Novo Archangelsk (New Archangel) and it was the capital of Russian-America.
Members may take in the historical sights, see Sitka National Park and watch Sitka's New Archangel Dancers perform.
The Russian hold on Sitka was brief, only sixty-three years, but Sitka (which the Russians named Novo Archangelsk, or New Archangel) was once the most developed European-style settlement on the Pacific Coast of North America.
That leaves a big gap for Cordoba to fill for the first leg of the playoff semi-final at the New Archangel Stadium.
In 1799, after the Russians killed everything with fur in the rest of Alaska, they moved their capital here, calling it New Archangel. Which didn't exactly thrill the Tlingit, who'd spent centuries in the place they called Shee At'ika.
In the summer of 1799, he set off once again to establish a new colonial center, the town of New Archangel, today's Sitka.
Then it hit me: New Archangel, the Russian name for what today we call Sitka in Alaska.
So the group became known as the New Archangel Dancers.
Other favorite annual activities are The New Archangel Dancers show, the Variety Show, the Army Band Concert, a Ball, and a memorial service.
An attack by the Tlingit led to retaliation by Baranof, and in 1804 the imperial flag of the czar was planted on Castle Hill and the settlement named New Archangel.
Enjoy music, Native dancers and New Archangel Dancers under the Crescent Harbor Shelter.

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