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Dartmouth Total Fitness invites the entire town of Dartmouth and surrounding communities to stop by, in costume, for trick or treating and to enjoy Halloween festivities - and support the New Bedford Wellness Initiative Adult Programming at the New Bedford Boys and Girls Club.
New Bedford is now recognized nationally as a leader in renewable energy, and ranks first per capita among municipalities in the continental U.
A Non/Mandatory Site Inspection Will Be Conducted For The Benefit Of All Potential Bidders On July 16, 2015 At 1:00 Pm At New Bedford High School 230 Hathaway Blvd.
United Way of Greater New Bedford is the fiscal partner receiving and acknowledging donations as well as making payments for approved expenditures.
Since the fall of 2011, 17 New Bedford students have graduated from high school and 10 have transferred to other schools and programs.
a clean energy company providing gasification technology to convert waste streams into synthetic natural gas and low emissions electrical energy, has opened a demonstration facility in New Bedford, Mass.
manufacturer of on-site plastic powder coating spray systems, has announced 50% ownership of a new joint venture, New Bedford Coatings LLC of New Bedford, MA.
The whaling industry, and its bustling hub in New Bedford, Massachusetts, paved the way for the industrial revolution, opening a tiny, New England seaport to a rich, diverse world.
Last year, a tip from a student at New Bedford (Mass.
He was the co-founder of the Massachusetts MTA in the 1960s and a nationally certified organ teacher with an established private studio in New Bedford.
New Bedford, Massachusetts, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.
He also became active in the New Bedford abolitionist movement.

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