German Catholics

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German Catholics,

religious groups founded in 1844 by dissidents from the Roman Catholic Church. They were led by two excommunicated priests, Johann Czerski of Schneidemühl, Posen, and Johann Ronge of Breslau. The church, organized by a council in Leipzig in 1845 under the name of Deutsche-katholische Kirche, was attractive to Roman Catholics because it retained the traditional practices of baptism and communion. In keeping with the rationalism and nationalism of the period, it rejected papal primacy, celibacy, indulgences, devotion to saints, veneration of relics, and all but the above-mentioned sacraments. Following an early period of growth, with several hundred congregations consisting of some 80,000 members, a slow decline set in. Roman Catholics who had sought reform became disillusioned following the merger with the Protestant Free Congregations in 1850, and the later merger of many of these churches with the Friends of Light, an anti-Christian sect. Greatly reduced in membership, several German Catholic churches survived into the 20th cent.
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Soon after we moved to Maryland where the new Catholics were
The RCIA process is designed to help new Catholics through all the difficulties Kirkwood mentions, from insecure "fumbling" at Mass to feelings of isolation.
We have been able to ignore that sad reality year after year by boasting of the significant numbers of new Catholics signing up, most of them immigrants from Mexico and other areas of Latin America.
The various rites and processes help form truly fine new Catholics.
The church also struggles with cultural differences and finding ways to make new Catholics feel truly welcome regardless of race or ethnicity.
Liturgical renewal has brought about dramatic changes in Catholic life: Greater familiarity with the Bible, worship in the native language and renewed sacramental rites (the new rite of baptism, and the rites for welcoming new Catholics, for example) are just a few.
His latest book, New Catholics for a New Century: The U.
The door image made me think that too often as a church we offer a revolving door--bringing in new Catholics through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and at the same time ushering others out because of pastoral practices that often exclude too many Catholics.
Arthur Jones, NCR's editor-at-large, is the author of a new book, New Catholics for a New Century: The U.
NEW CATHOLICS FOR A NEW CENTURY By Arthur Jones Thomas More, 192 pages, $21.
I think part of the problem is there is a wide gamut of different groups -- oldtime parishioners, the gay and lesbian community, new Catholics who came to the church through the parish Xavier, Catholics who had been estranged and looking for a church where they felt comfortable," he said.

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